19th Judicial District Judge James Hartmann – The Psychopath vs. “The Little Mexican”.

Judge Laurie Booras

Judge Laurie Booras, a degenerate racist by any measurable standard. Known felon, 19th Judicial District Chief Judge James F. Hartmann Jr. appointed as one of three Special Masters to oversee the Judicial Discipline Commission’s investigation.

In a world where “Woke Culture” is more prized than compliance with statutory authority, a racist Judge is ousted, as a known felon remains on the bench.

A Colorado Court of Appeals Judge who called a colleague, “The little Mexican” resigns in disgrace, as known felon, Weld County District Court Chie Judge James Hartmann is allowed to remain as Chief Judge of the Colorado Judicial Branch 19th Judicial District.

In a resignation letter, Colorado Court of Appeals Judge Laurie Booras agreed to step down after the Colorado Judicial Discipline Commission  recommended her removal, according to the Denver Post. The Colorado Supreme Court, acting with approval of all seven justices, appointed three judges to serve as special masters to oversee the commission’s investigation: 19th Judicial District Judge James F. Hartmann Jr., 12th Judicial District Judge Pattie P. Swift and Senior Judge Gregory J. Hobbs.

Judge Terry Fox said she felt 'sub-human' when learning about her colleague calling her 'the little Mexican'

Judge Terry Fox said she felt ‘sub-human’ when learning about her colleague calling her ‘the little Mexican’

Booras had already been suspended with pay in March of 2018 after the Denver Post revealed allegations by John Sakowicz, a man claiming to be an ex-lover. The three judges appointed to review her behavior found that Judge Booras violated three canons of the Code of Judicial Conduct in sending emails to Sakowicz last year that Booras had claimed were protected by the First Amendment. In one email, Booras referred to her ex-husband’s Native American wife as ‘the squaw,’ and in another email, she referred to another Appeals Court Judge Terry Fox, a Latina, as ‘the little Mexican.’

In violation of CO Rev Stat § 18-8-105 Judge James F. Hartmann Jr., one of the Special Masters appointed by the Supreme Court,  is known to have  concealed evidence of Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant by Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley’s former employers in a civil wage claim case before the Weld County District Court.

On April 4, 2011, Hartmann received evidence obtained from former CDLE Director Ellen Golombek, that Buckley’s former employers had sworn simultaneously before both the Weld County District Court, and he Colorado Division of Labor, had neither had jurisdiction over his claim for accrued wages, because the matter was before the other. A confession of the crime would follow: April 7, 2011.

Evidence indicates that Hartmann had entered into a criminal conspiracy with Buckley’s former employers, in June, 2010, purposefully depriving him of civil Due Process rights under the Colorado wage Act. Hartmann would illegally strip Buckley of all evidence, and the right to prosecute his claim, bases on fraudulent allegations by the employers’ attorney, Daniel T. Goodwin.

Buckley would be falsely convicted of ‘harassment” of the employers in 2012, for having angrily demanded $20,000.00 in liens, fraudulently obtained by the employers after Hartmann’s deprivation of rights. be removed from his home. Hartmann had spent days hiding in his chambers evading Buckley’s subpoena, and ultimately used the Colorado Attorney General’s Office to have it quashed.

Buckley would be falsely convicted again, in 2014, for ‘Retaliation Against a Judge‘. In 2013, so-called “Judge” James Hartmann, two years after receiving, destroying the evidence, filing a forged document with the Weld County District Court, and becoming criminally complicit in Class 4 felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, Fraud, and Wage Theft, would appoint a subordinate Judge to raid Buckley’s home in support of the fraudulently obtained liens on his property. Hartmann would commit First Degree Perjury in sworn testimony before the Boulder County District Court, and an additional act of forgery to conceal his criminal complicity, destruction of evidence, and forgery in the wage theft scam.

Evidence would indicate so-called “Judge” James Hartmann is the last person qualified to evaluate anyone’s ethics.

The Colorado Supreme Court, the Judicial Disciple Commission, the Colorado Attorney General, Boulder, and Weld County District Attorneys, have provably concealed Hartmann’s complicity in crime, since April 2011. Known felon, 19th Judicial District Chief Judge James Hartmann remains on the Bench.

So what does this mean for citizens of Colorado reporting a Judge’s illegal or unethical acts to the Colorado Judicial Discipline Commission? You’d goddamn well better be another Judge and preferably a minority, otherwise there’s a great likelihood the offending psychopath will spend years in a calculated effort to destroy your life.

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