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Congressman Ken Buck. Known Felon.

Congressman Ken Buck Orders Evidence Destroyed To Protect Corrupt Weld County Judge.

Obstruction of Justice: Congressman Ken Buck orders evidence destroyed to protect Corrupt Weld County Chief Judge James Hartmann. Greeley, CO – In the aftermath of an ill-fated wage theft lawsuit filed by Longmont, CO homeowner…

Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann - At war With The 1st Amendment.

In Conspiracy With DA Ken Buck – Judge James F. Hartmann “Sadistic Little Psychopath” Shuts Down Website – Lies in Court Order.

Judge James F. Hartmann, corrupt Weld County Judge’s 2012 shutdown of in violation of 1st Amendment. Judge James F. Hartmann,, according to Dynadot Web Hosting  sources, the Weld County District Court Chief Judge whom…

Colorado Governor Jared Polis admits he will continue years-long concealment of multiple felonies by Colorado AG and 6 Weld County Judges.

Will Governor Jared Polis Stand In Criminal Conspiracy With Predecessor John Hickenlooper In Weld Judge’s Wage Theft/Fraud Scandal?

Email to government crime victim suggests Governor Jared Polis will stand in criminal conspiracy with predecessor John Hickenlooper & the Colorado Attorney General’s Office. Is a Grand Jury Investigation into the criminal acts of  Judge…

Longmont's Craig Buckley whistleblower victimized for a decade by corrupt Colorado officials.

Longmont’s Craig Buckley Attacked by Corrupt Judge Implicated in Fraud/Forgery Scandal.

Chief Judge of Colorado’s 19th judicial District, James Francis Hartmann CAUGHT! Hartmann’s Accuser, Longmont’s Craig Buckley, Would Pay the Price. Greeley, CO – Ten years ago today, Weld County District Court Chief Judge James F….

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