Three Administrations of Colorado Attorneys General Implicated in the Hartmann Conspiracy.

Colorado Attorney General

Colorado Attorneys General John Suthers, Phil Weiser, Cynthia Coffman. When does the retaliation and concealment of crime end?

Corruption and retaliation at the highest level of government since 2008. Colorado Attorney General implicated in years-long systemic campaign of harassment and retaliation against Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley.

Denver, CO – Evidence obtained from former Colorado Dept. of Labor & Employment Director Ellen Golombek indicates that former (now dead) Division of Labor Director Director, Michael Mcardle had been in contact with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office since the inception of Longmont, CO resident Craig Buckley’s wage claim against his former employers, Dream Stone, Inc.

Brad Keadle former Colorado State Patrol Trooper.

Brad Keadle – former Colorado State Patrol Trooper and violent, racist psychopath.

Buckley had long suspected that the Colorado attorney general’s Office would retaliate against him, as the result of a successful Federal Court lawsuit filed against the Colorado State Patrol on July 31, 2006. Buckley had been violently assaulted, called, “low as any Nigger”, and falsely arrested on July 31, 2004 by Colorado State patrol Trooper Bradley Lawrence Keadle, and his sergeant, Jerry Copley.

Buckley appeared pro-se before the Boulder County Court on May 18, 2005, and was acquitted on all charges. Boulder DA prosecutors, and County Court Judge David Archuleta were humiliated and enraged: “How could a pro-se defendant, a construction worker at that, beat us?”

On November 5, 2008, Buckley settled the lawsuit. The Colorado Attorney General’s office was equally incensed. Buckley’s attorney, Centennial , CO based Paul Grant warned him, “You’d better pack your shit and get out of this state because they’re going to be coming for you now”. Buckley would soon find out that he would never be protected by the rule of law again.

“I never much believed in conspiracy theories, or widespread government corruption until I sued the state of Colorado and won,” Buckley said. “Now, I definitely believe there’s a ‘hotsheet’ of some kind… a revenge list.” August 15, 2006, a mere 89 days after his acquittal before Judge David Archuleta, Buckley would see the prelude of what was to come.

Buckley had become an enemy of the State of Colorado.

On August 30, 2008, as the lawsuit against the State of Colorado was in full swing, Buckley terminated employment with Dream Stone, Inc., a marble and granite countertop fabrication facility where he had worked as a CNC Programmer, and occasional web designer. The Industrial Claims Appeals Office had ruled it was a, “hostile work environment”. After 26 months of employment, Buckley had enough of the owners’ screaming and violent fits of rage.

Ida Murphy, Scott Murphy, Ron Murphy - Dream Stone, Inc. Longmont, CO

Government sanctioned wage thieves: Ida Murphy, Scott Murphy, Ron Murphy – Dream Stone, Inc. Longmont, CO

There was money due and payable on termination of employment. When Buckley asked Dream Stone CEO, Scott Murphy to make a check available, he was told, “Fuck You!”

On September 30, 2009, a lawsuit was filed in Weld County District Court: 09CV991, Buckley v. Dream Stone, Inc. et. al.. There were several other lesser claims for relief, however the accrued wage claim was considered the cornerstone of the complaint. As the employers’ refusal to pay was willful and malicious, penalties and interest were also at issue.

Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann would later admit on October 10, 2013, during an official investigation by Boulder County District Attorney’s Investigator, Maggie Green:

10.10.2013 maggie green excerpt
On January 21, 2010, Buckley filed a complaint with the Colorado Division of Labor, seeking only criminal charges and fines against the employers, as the matter of wages was before the Court.

8.05.2010 evidence gathering snip
An award of wages and penalties was not sought before the Colorado Division of Labor.

At issue, and where the vengeful Colorado Attorney General’s Office steps in, is the employers’ fraudulent claims that Buckley was not entitled to an award of accrued wages, because he had worked for Dream Stone, Inc. for less than one year.

Attorney Caroline R. Kert Acts In Criminal Conspiracy With Daniel T. Goodwin, Of The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin, To Conceal Multiple Felony Acts
Buckley had submitted 26 months of continuous, uninterrupted paycheck stubs to the DOL: that was not good enough for this corrupted agency. This March 25, 2011 confidential, interoffice correspondence between McArdle and Compliance Officer Juanita Wright, obtained from former CDLE Director Ellen Golombek,  was the beginning of their malicious attack.  The redacted text pertains to an individual no longer involved in this matter.

Buckley then repeatedly demanded the DOL order the employers to relinquish his timecards. The DOL, and specifically Director Michael McArdle flatly refused, and John August Lizza, First Assistant Attorney General,  State Services Section was brought in to harass and intimidate Buckley. The AG’s Office wanted revenge, and they would have it.  DOL Director Michael McArdle had also sent Buckley a threatening letter, stating that he had better not ever attempt to contact the Division of Labor again… or else.

The employers’ fraudulent claim had been repeatedly disproven, as Buckley had, in fact, worked a total of 111.5 hours during the time period the employers’ forged document stated he had, “quit” December 6, 2007, and been, “rehired as a brand new employee” December 11, 2007. Fully corrupted by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, justice would not be served before the Colorado Division of Labor.

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office would continue to attack Buckley, and ignore his pleas for help for the next 7 years.

“I keep seeing the same faces, and hearing the same names,” Buckley said. “The same AGs who were involved in Colorado State Trooper Brad Keadle’s lawsuit, the same AGs who were in criminal conspiracy with Division of Labor Director Michael McArdle, the same AGs who showed up to a Class 3 Misdemeanor ‘harassment’ trial to quash the subpoena of James Hartmann, the same AGs who appeared in force for Hartmann’s sham, ‘retaliation Against a Judge Trial, I’ve seen all the same faces for years lusting for revenge… ever since I sued the State of Colorado.”

For more information about the Colorado Attorney Generals’ involvement in The Hartmann Conspiracy, please Click Here.

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