Corrupt Public Officials

Boulder DA Blocks Twitter Page in Violation of First Amendment Rights.

BLOCKED! – Michael Dougherty Corrupt Boulder County DA Blocks Twitter Account in Violation of 1st Amendment.

June 1, 2021, in concealment of crime & in violation of the 1st Amendment, Boulder County Colorado District Attorney Michael Dougherty BLOCKED The Hartmann Conspiracy’s Twitter account, @C0RRUPTC0L0RAD0 from accessing, or posting on the official…

Michael J. McArdle Colorado Division of Labor Director violates rights and threatens Longmont Colorado man.

Michael J. McArdle – Colorado Division of Labor Director Threatens Longmont Man.

Michael J, McArdle – Now DEAD accessory to crime & former Director of the Colorado Division of Labor violated Colorado Wage Act rights, and threatened Longmont man in wage dispute. Denver, CO – In criminal…

"Judge" Matthew D. Grove Accessory to Crime.

Judge Matthew D. Grove – Corrupt Former Assistant AG Who Concealed Judge James Hartmann’s Involvement in Crime Appointed to the Colorado Court of Appeals!

817 Days After the Fact, Judge James Hartmann “rolls” on corrupt former Deputy AG Matthew D, Grove proving Obstruction of Justice, Forgery, Fraud Upon the Court & Accessory to Crime – Why Grove is unfit…

Judge David Archuleta - Boulder County Court - 20th Judicial District

Judge David Archuleta: “I’m Ready to Take a Knife, and Stuff it in Your Fucking Head Right Now,” not Harassment according to Boulder County Judge.

Following Violent Assault, False Arrest, Acquittal and Federal Court Lawsuit Against Colorado State Patrol, Judge David Archuleta and Boulder DA Show Extent of Rage and Malice Toward Longmont Resident, Craig D. Buckley. Boulder County Court…

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