Congressman Ken Buck Orders Evidence Destroyed To Protect Corrupt Weld County Judge.

Congressman Ken Buck. Known Felon.

Corrupt Congressman Ken Buck Destroys Evidence to Protect Weld County Chief Judge.

Obstruction of Justice: Congressman Ken Buck orders evidence destroyed to protect Corrupt Weld County Chief Judge James Hartmann.

Greeley, CO – In the aftermath of an ill-fated wage theft lawsuit filed by Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley against his former employers, Weld County sources have revealed that Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck ordered the destruction of evidence implicating James Hartmann, Chief Judge of the Weld County District Court, in concealment, aiding, and abetting multiple felonies committed by Buckley’s former employers and their criminally complicit attorney, Daniel T. Goodwin.

Ida Murphy, Scott Murphy, Ron Murphy - Dream Stone, Inc. Longmont, CO

L to R: Ida Murphy, Scott Murphy, Ron Murphy – Dream Stone, Inc. Longmont, CO

Dream Stone, Inc. owners Ron Murphy (VP), Scott Murphy(CEO), and Ida Murphy (Secratary/Treasurer) had forced Buckley from his employment by “constructive discharge”, from what the Industrial Claims Appeals Office called, “an abusive environment”. The ICAO had determined that no reasonable person would consider the working conditions tolerable. There was also documented evidence of multiple serious OSHA violations.

On behalf of Buckley’s former employers, Broomfield, CO based attorney Daniel T. Goodwin, had falsified statements to the Colorado Division of Labor, swearing that Buckley was ineligible for his award of accrued wages (and penalties) on termination of employment because he had worked for Dream Stone, Inc. for less than a year (company policy). Government authorities, including the Division of Labor, the Colorado Attorney General, Weld County DA Ken Buck, Boulder County DA Stan Garnett, and Weld County Chief Judge James F, Hartmann had, however, all been in possession of copies of Buckley’s 26 months of continuous, uninterrupted paycheck stubs.

As a result of the employers’ fraud, Buckley was forced to assert his rights under the Colorado Wage Act to seek an award of damages in the Weld County District Court. Shortly thereafter, Buckley filed a formal complaint with the Colorado Division of Labor, seeking ONLY criminal charges and penalties against the employers.

Justice was not to be served.

The employers’ and their  attorney Daniel T. Goodwin swore before the Colorado Division of Labor:

“Mr. Buckley quit his job on December 6, 2007.”
“Mr. Buckley was rehired on December 11, 2007.”

“Mr. Buckley was advised that the only way that the company would take him back was on the basis that he was a brand new employee without entitlement to vacation in the first year of his employment. When Mr. Buckley quit his job again on October 6, 2008, he was not entitled to any vacation accumulation benefit for two reasons: (a) he had not worked for a full year, and (b) he quit his job without notice to the company.”

According to Buckley’s 26 months of sequential, uninterrupted paycheck stubs, and specifically checks #15678 #15679 #15721, #15722 he had worked for the employers 110.5 hours during the pay period(s) spanning the 5 days  he is alleged to have, “quit”. It would have been mathematically impossible for Buckley to have worked 110.5 hours within the pay period in question if, in fact, the employers’ allegations were true.

Daniel T. Goodwin is an Officer of the Court, and presumed to be under Oath at all times in matters of law.

107 days after the employers’ noncompliance was reported to the Division of Labor, and in violation of Buckley’s rights under C.R.S. § 8-4-110(2), Goodwin  swore before the Weld County District Court, by Response to Motion, that the Court had no jurisdiction over Buckley’s wage claim, because the matter was before the DOL. Goodwin cited Workers’ Compensation Law – Stacks v. Industrial Com, which has nothing to do with Colorado Wage Act law.

Simultaneously, and with the full cooperation of their criminally complicit attorney, Dream Stone, Inc. Secretary/Treasurer Ida E. Murphy, had sworn to the Colorado Division of Labor over the course of multiple documents, that the DOL had no jurisdiction over Buckley’s wage claim, because the matter was before the Weld County District Court.

Evidence indicates that May 6, 2010 was the day Daniel T. Goodwin, and Ida E. Murphy “tag-teamed” the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor, telling each that neither had jurisdiction.

Under Colorado law, Any person who attempts to influence any public servant by means of deceit (emphasis added) or by threat of violence or economic reprisal against any person or property, with the intent thereby to alter or affect the public servant’s decision, vote, opinion, or action concerning any matter which is to be considered or performed by him or the agency or body of which he is a member, commits a class 4 felony. – § 18-8-306. Attempt to influence a public servant.

The Colorado Court of Appeals has held that an employee was not required to exhaust his administrative remedies under the state statute before bringing suit under the FLSA seeking to recover overtime wages. See Laurence v. State of Colo. 910 P.2d 73, 74 (Colo. App. 1995)(While the administrative proceeding was pending, plaintiff filed suit in the district court, seeking to recover the same overtime wages under both ordinary contract principles and under the FLSA…”). Under the FLSA, an award of liquidated damages is mandatory except where an employer shows it acted in good faith. See Greene v. Safeway Stores, Inc., 210 P.3d 1237, 1245 (10th Cir. 2000). In such a case, the court has discretion to award liquidated damages. Greene, 210 P.3d at 1245.”

With full knowledge of the employers’ criminal acts of Wage Theft, Forgery, Fraud Upon the Court, and Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant in the defense against Buckley’s civil claim, Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann illegally striped Buckley of all evidence, and the Due Process Right to prosecute his wage claim mere hours before he had been (illegally) commanded to comply with Subpoena Duces Tecum.

It was, “Trial by Ambush”, as Hartmann had previously, in violation of Buckley’s Due Process Rights,  refused to compel Daniel T. Goodwin to  comply with the Statutorily mandated requirement to, “meet and confer regarding the claims and defenses to be presented at trial”.

Buckley, by Motion, demanded the Judge produce proof of continuing Subject Matter Jurisdiction following his issuance of orders in contravention of Statutory Authority. Hartmann repeatedly refused. Buckley, challenging the jurisdiction of the Court to enter rulings which did not comply with the law,  twice refused to comply with Subpoena Duces Tecum (Deposition) after his Motion for Protective Orders and demand for proof of continuing jurisdiction was wrongfully denied. James Hartmann’s orders were VOID.

James Hartmann “dismissed” Buckley’s case with prejudice, awarding in excess of $20,000.00 in legal fees to the Defendants, slapped liens on Buckley’s home, and garnished wages.

Two years after Judge James Hartmann’s malicious dismissal of Buckley’s case, and concealment, aiding, and abetting of the defendants’ criminal acts, Buckley discovered that the employers had encumbered his home with over $20,000.00 in fraudulently obtained (spurious) liens.  Buckley immediately sent several strongly worded emails to the former employers, demanding that they remove the liens, obtained by fraud, from his home. Retaliation by Weld County authorities was swift and malicious: Buckley was immediately arrested, and held on a $10,000.00 bond for a single count of Class 3 Misdemeanor Harassment. That bond would increase to $20,000.00, when Judge Michele Meyer, Judge James Hartmann’s subordinate, changed the date of a Court appearance without telling Buckley.

Buckley, entitled to present both mitigating and exculpatory evidence at this “sham” trial, was obstructed in his attempts at every turn. By this point, Buckley’s former employers had already confessed Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant before Weld County Court Judge John Briggs, that they had sworn simultaneously before both the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor, that neither had jurisdiction over Buckley’s wage claim, because the matter was before the other. Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck, had been in possession of documentary evidence irrefutably proving the employers’ felonies.

So, what did Ken Buck do? Serving no purpose other than concealing Judge James Hartmann’s involvement in crime, he appointed TWO PROSECUTORS, Deputy DA Sarah Bousman, and  top-tier felony prosecutor Steve Wrenn to obtain Buckley’s conviction on the single Class 3 Misdemeanor charge.

Steve Wrenn - Weld County Chief Deputy DA & Known Felon.

Steve Wrenn – Weld County Chief Deputy DA & Known Felon.

Buckley demanded, by Supboena , that the employers produce his timecards. Buckley further demanded Ken Buck order the exculpatory evidence: timecards, be produced.  In a stunning display of 1st Degree Official Misconduct, and Criminal Conspiracy, Ken Buck, through Deputy District Attorney Sarah J. Bousman, filed a Motion to Quash the subpoena, which was immediately granted by Judge Michele Meyer.

At a pretrial hearing hearing before Weld County Court Judge Michele Meyer, the prosecution was allowed to argue their Motion to Quash, while  Buckley was not allowed to speak. Weld County sources would later reveal that Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck, ordered Buckley’s relevant and “at issue” timecards destroyed, to conceal Weld County authorities’ complicity in crime.

And this, dear readers, is just the beginning.

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