Daniel T. Goodwin – Broomfield, CO Attorney and Known Felon Commits 1st Degree Perjury To Conceal Filing Of Forged Affidavit. Hear The Audio!

Daniel T. Goodwin Forgery

The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin – Broomfield, CO Attorney Daniel T. Goodwin commits First Degree Perjury to conceal F5 Forgery.

Daniel T. Goodwin Commits Multiple Felonies Defending Against Wage Claim By Longmont, CO Man. Corrupt Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann Aids, Abets, Compounds, and Commits Felony Perjury In Concealment Of Crime.

Broomfield, CO – Daniel T. Goodwin, Founding Shareholder of Donelson Ciancio and Goodwin, P.C., and presently Founding Manager of The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin 10901 W 120th Ave #350, Broomfield, CO 80021, is alleged to have committed Perjury in the First Degree in support of a falsified Affidavit of Attorneys’ fees Goodwin had filed with the Weld County District Court.

Daniel T. Goodwin had been retained by (now defunct) Dream stone, Inc., a Longmont, CO area marble and granite countertop fabrication facility. Former CNC Programmer, Craig Buckley, had sued Dream Stone, Inc. for accrued wages due when he had been driven from his employment by what the Colorado Industrial Claims Appeals Office deemed, “an abusive environment“

Buckley was forced to sue former employer Dream Stone, Inc. for two reasons: (a) the Colorado Division of Labor had no statutory authority (prior to the revisions of law enacted in 2014) to award the significant penalties and interest due in this case, and (b) the employers, through their criminally complicit attorney Daniel T. Goodwin, had already fraudulently sworn before the DOL that Buckley was not entitled to an award of his accrued wages, because he had not worked for Dream Stone, Inc. for a full year.

On December 6, 2007 Dream Stone, Inc. VP Ron Murphy kicked Buckley out of the Dream Stone facility for allegedly not having work prepared for the next day.

“It was a setup,” Buckley recalls. “The CNC operator, Mike Kammerer was a sadistic little shit who was constantly creating drama, and trying to get others in trouble.”

Buckley returned to work the next morning. Of Dream Stone, Inc. President Scott Murphy, Buckley stated, “He was actually quite contrite and apologetic, he begged me to come back. I came back to work the next morning, and continued programming for a huge project we were doing for Cabela’s in Sidney, NE. I imagine all those CAD files I built that next morning and thereafter have been concealed or destroyed by Ken Buck, or Daniel Goodwin and the Murphys by now.”

Goodwin had fraudulently sworn to the Colorado Division of Labor that Buckley had, “quit for a week” and was only allowed back on the condition that he return as a, “brand new employee” ineligible for his award of vacation pay. “This is a pretty far-flung and elaborate fabrication well after the fact that even corrupt idiots like Ken Buck, and James Hartmann should have seen through,” Buckley recounts. Dream Stone, Inc. Vice President Todd Coday stated in an interview shortly after the Employers filed their response Brief that Dream Stone, Inc., and Daniel Goodwin’s allegations were false.

Daniel T. Goodwin works fraud on the Colorado Division of Labor

Daniel T. Goodwin works fraud on the Colorado Division of Labor in this forged document.

The employers, and Daniel T. Goodwin’s fraudulent allegations before the Colorado division of Labor are wholly refuted by Buckley’s paycheck stubs, which prove a continuous, uninterrupted term of employment with Dream Stone, Inc. for a period of 26 months. So, where are the timecards? Better yet, where is the “missing week” after which Buckley was said to have been rehired as a, “brand new employee”? The Colorado Division of Labor FLATLY REFUSED to order Dream Stone, Inc. to produce Buckley’s timecards.

The Employers Lie To The DOL About Buckley’s Term Of Employment, The DOL Orders Buckley’s Time Cards Produced, The Employer Is Ordered To Pay Accrued Wages, And Everyone Moves On With Their Lives, Right? WRONG.

Ultimately, Daniel T. Goodwin, was joined in criminal conspiracy with (Fmr.) Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, First Assistant Attorney General John Lizza, (Fmr.) Colorado Division of Labor Director Michael Mcardle, (Fmr.)FBI Denver Division Director James F. Yacone, Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck, Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann, Weld County District Court Judge Todd Taylor, Weld County Presiding Judge Michele Meyer, Weld County Chief Deputy DA Steve Wrenn, Weld County District Attorney’s Office Chief Investigator Keith Olson, (Fmr. Weld County Sheriff) State Senator John Cooke, and others, who would engage in a four year criminal conspiracy to obstruct Buckley’s right to subpoena, or otherwise obtain his timecards, corroborating Buckley’s allegations of Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant by Daniel T. Goodwin, and the Murphys.

“I was actually verbally threatened by several of these people, including Congressman Ken Buck, and Former DOL Director Michael McArdle,’ Buckley recalls. “For whatever reason, there was NO FUCKING WAY I was getting those timecards.”

“At issue” since 2008, Buckley had later discovered that the timecards were destroyed on the authorization of Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck in 2012.

Colorado Division Of Labor Fraud: Buckley FORCED To Sue Former Employers In Corrupt Weld County District Court. Let The Fraud Begin.

In the Spring of 2011, Buckley filed a civil lawsuit against Dream Stone, Inc. in Weld County Colorado District Court. Primarily at issue, in addition to other, secondary claims, was Buckley’s award of accrued wages and penalties. “Although it wasn’t specifically stated in the complaint, as such, all parties and the judge KNEW wages and penalties were the cornerstone of my case, ” stated Buckley. Judge James Hartmann would later admit to this fact in an official investigation conducted by the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office.

Daniel T. Goodwin’s rampant criminal conduct was allowed to escalate unchecked from this point forward.

Buckley had filed a Motion to have his case consolidated with that of another Dream Stone, Inc.  employee; Vice President Todd Coday. Coday had also terminated his employment under less than ideal circumstances, having allegedly left because he could no longer handle the “screaming” and “toxic, evil bitch”, Dream Stone, Inc. Secretary/Treasurer Ida E. Murphy.

The Defendants’ Response to Motion for Consolidation contained an Affidavit from Todd Coday’s attorney, Michael Matthews: described as being attached, “hereto”.

Buckley’s Motion for Consolidation was denied by the Court, and no fees were awarded. Logically, one would conclude that since no fees were awarded, the Defendants would have to “eat” the cost of their Response, including all work product, evidentiary materials prepared for that Motion, preparation and review time, etc. right? NOPE.

Let’s Follow The Bouncing Affidavit Of Michael P. Matthews!

Buckley had also filed a Motion to have Dream Stone, Inc. attorneys, Daniel T. Goodwin, and Blaine Bowne joined as Defendants to the civil case. As proven by the evidence in the above paragraphs, Daniel T. Goodwin and his subordinate were not acting as “attorneys” or “Officers of the Court”, they were, in fact, criminal conspirators. Despite the irrefutable evidence of fraud, perjury, obstruction, and Attempt to Influence a Public Servant by Goodwin, the Motion was denied, and fees were awarded for the Motion for Joinder. Weld County District Court Chief judge James Hartmann had chosen to conceal the criminal acts of Daniel T. Goodwin.

Here’s where it gets interesting. All of a sudden, the Affidavit of Michael Matthews, prepared by Daniel T. Goodwin, and attached as an exhibit to the Defendants’ Response to Plaintiff’s Motion for Consolidation, is NOW, fraudulently, part of the fee demand for the Defendants’ Response to Motion for Joinder!

2/24/2010 Daniel T. Goodwin Attorneys' Fees Fraud

2/24/2010 Daniel T. Goodwin Attorneys’ Fees Fraud

Buckley’s numerous objections by Motion, were wholly ignored, or ruled against with EVEN MORE FEES being awarded to the Defendants, by staggeringly corrupt Judge James Hartmann.

On May 18, 2010 , the Court held a Status Conference, and Buckley thankfully recorded it. Here’s what Daniel T. Goodwin, an Officer of the Court, and presumed to be under Oath at all times, said about the fraud he had perpetrated via his forged Affidavit of Attorneys’ Fees, and exhibit to affidavit of attorneys fees.

Despite the fact that there was no ‘Affidavit of Michael Matthews’ attached to, or referenced in Goodwin’s response to Buckley’s Motion for Joinder of parties, NOW it would seem that Goodwin would have us believe that he needed to consult an outside attorney representing a different Plaintiff in a different case, to confirm whether or not he, Goodwin, should be joined to Buckley’s case as a Defendant, AND BUCKLEY SHOULD PAY FOR IT.

Hartmann Conspiracy’s legal analyst summarized as follows: “So, the evidence here shows that Goodwin took the very expensive Affidavit of Michael Matthews, which he had prepared for the Response to Motion for Consolidation and, after the fact, slapped it onto and billed and billed it under another wholly unrelated Motion, because no fees were awarded for the Motion for Consolidation, then filed a falsified Affidavit of Attorneys’ fees, then filed a falsified Support document, then committed felony perjury to conceal the fraud, then Hartmann concealed, aided, and abetted the crime, and slapped liens on Buckley’s house, and had him arrested. That’s just great.”

Daniel T. Goodwin and Judge James Hartmann by Forgery Conspire to Defraud Longmont, CO Man.

Daniel T. Goodwin and Judge James Hartmann by Forgery Conspire to Defraud Longmont, CO Man.

The evidence before the Court irrefutably proves that Daniel Goodwin obtained a lien on Craig Buckley’s home, for the Affidavit of Michael Matthews, by fraud. The evidence, and Judge James F. Hartmann’s perjured sworn testimony (below) further prove that Judge James F. Hartmann is criminally complicit.

Judge james Hartmann - The Law Does Not Apply To Me.

Judge james Hartmann – The Law Does Not Apply To Me.

This Is The Point At Which Mr. James Hartmann Goes From “Judge” to “FELON And Commences His 8 Year Attack On Longmont, CO Homeowner Craig Buckley.

Buckley filed Motion after motion battling Daniel T. Goodwin, and corrupt Judge James Hartmann. Buckley’s irrefutable proof of Fraud Upon the Court was met with James Hartmann’s one-line Court Order, “…the Court rejects the Plaintiff’s argument”.

Hartmann Conspiracy’s legal analyst commented: “What’s truly astounding is that James Hartmann vigorously complained, in both official investigations and sworn testimony before the Court, about the number of Motions Buckley filed in the civil case. An examination of the record of the Weld County District Court shows that most of Buckley’s Motions were, in fact, caused by this crime, and James Hartmann’s concealment, aiding and abetting of Fraud Upon The Court, Perjury, and Forgery by Daniel T. Goodwin. Hartmann, once caught in crime, just kept awarding more and more fees every time Buckley complained. Hartmann is just out of control by this point.”

In July 2013, in belligerent defiance of the evidence, the law, and the lack of jurisdiction, the Weld County District Court, under the authority of Judge James F. Hartmann, illegally raided Buckley’s home, and incarcerated him, because he had refused to give the deed to his house to his former employers. Ten days later, Buckley’s home was illegally raided again and Buckley was incarcerated for alleged “threatening” statements he was purported to have made against Hartmann during the first illegal raid.

The Hartmann Conspiracy’s legal analyst concurs: ” The record of the Court indicates neither the Weld County District Court, nor James Hartmann, nor any law enforcement agency had any lawful right to exercise a warrant for Buckley’s arrest. The record of the Court shows that Buckley properly challenged the Court’s jurisdiction to enter rulings which violated his Due Process Rights, per Basso v. Utah Power & Light Co., 495 F 2d 906, 910, and others. The record further shows that the jurisdictional challenges were ignored by Hartmann. This case was “Void” and Hartmann lacked judicial authority to enter Buckley’s home, and seize his person and his property as it had become apparent that the Judge was now acting in criminal conspiracy with the Defendants.”

On April 21, 2014, Corrupt Judge/Known Felon James Hartmann Commits Perjury in the First Degree to Conceal Involvement in Fraud Upon The Court.

In concealment of his criminal involvement with Dream Stone, Inc. attorney, Daniel T. Goodwin, Boulder County Prosecutor Catrina Weigel elicited this perjured testimony from Peoples’ Witness, Mr. James Hartmann in sworn testimony before the Boulder County District Court: On April 21, 2014 Judge James Hartmann – direct examination by DDA Catrina Weigel:
James Hartmann testified under oath:

“I granted the request for attorney’s fees when I denied Mr. Buckley’s motion to consolidate this case with another case that was pending in Weld County, another civil case that was pending in Weld County.

James Hartmann DID NOT award fees for the Defendants’ Response to Buckley’s Motion to Consolidate.

Buckley responded, ”Oh yeah, no fees were awarded for the Motion to Consolidate, but that didn’t stop the little fucker (Hartmann) from slapping a lien on my house, raiding my home, and having me arrested for refusing to pay those fees!’

Hartmann further lied in both his so-called “Victim Impact Statement, and during the course of an official investigation by the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, fraudulently stating, ” the source of Buckley’s anger stems from attorneys’ fee being awarded for various Motions”. Judge Andrew Hartmann, whom presided over Buckley’s ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’ trial would lie about this as well, in response to a post-trial Motion filed by Buckley.

Buckley responded, “I wasn’t angry about having to pay fees for the Defendant’s responses to Motions fees were awarded for, I was determined that Hartmann illegally forced me to pay fees associated with Motions that no fees were awarded for, and had concealed, aided, and abetted crime. The lying little fucker (Hartmann) had no right to be on my property. This is a matter law enforcement and the Courts have belligerently chosen not to understand for seven years”.

This perversion of justice was punctuated by the fact that Daniel Goodwin had committed Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, having sworn before both the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor that neither had jurisdiction over Buckley’s wage claim, because the matter was before the other, and Judge James Hartmann’s concealing, aiding, abetting and compounding of the crime, render Hartmann unfit for the Bench.

On June 17, 2010, “Judge” James F. Hartmann stripped Buckley of all evidence, and the Due Process Right guaranteed by C.R.S. 8-4-110(2), to prosecute his wage claim before the Court. For Due Process violations, James Hartmann surrendered Jurisdiction over Buckley’s Wage Claim case on that date. “Judge” Hartmann’s orders were VOID, per: Fed. Rules Civ. Proc., Rule 60(b)(4), 28 U.S.C.A.; U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. 5 – Klugh v. U.S., 620 F.Supp. 892 (D.S.C. 1985).

It is a well founded matter of law that deprivation of Due Process rights deprives the Court of jurisdiction. 

Daniel T. Goodwin - The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin Broomfield, CO

Daniel T. Goodwin – The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin Broomfield, CO. Commits First Degree Perjury to conceal F5 Forgery.

“Judge” James Hartmann then perceived he dismissed Buckley’s case with prejudice on July 22, 2010, awarding in excess of $20,000.00 in attorney’s fees to the Defendants.

“To an unbiased eye, it’s clearly evidenced that James Hartmann is criminally complicit, and both Daniel T. Goodwin, and James F. Hartmann should rightfully be disbarred and incarcerated,” concluded Hartmann Conspiracy’s legal analyst.

For More information about Daniel t. Goodwin, and The Law Offices of
Daniel T. Goodwin
10901 W 120th Ave #350, Broomfield, CO 80021
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