Denver Defense Attorney Michael Root: Is This an Admission of Criminal Complicity?

Denver, CO Criminal defense Attorney Michael Root: In Criminal Conspiracy With The Prosecution.

Denver, CO Criminal defense Attorney Michael Root: In Criminal Conspiracy With The Prosecution.

Michael Root – Attorney for man falsely convicted of ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’ in 2014 claims, “Counsel is not being duped by anyone” in 2016. Is he incompetent, or complicit in concealing crime by Judge James Hartmann?

Denver defense attorney Mike Root. Allows perjured testimony & forged evidence by prosecution to be presented unchallenged.

Criminally complicit Denver defense attorney Mike Root allows perjured testimony & forged evidence to be presented unchallenged in ‘Retaliation’ case..

Boulder, CO – In 2013, Denver, CO defense attorney Michael Root was hired by Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley to defend against “Retaliation Against a Judge” charges brought by Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett.

Buckley’s home had been illegally raided by the Weld Count District Court in July, 2013 on a civil contempt warrant: Buckley had refused to give the deed to his home, and years of tax returns to his former employers, Dream Stone, Inc., a now defunct countertop fabrication company where Buckley had worked as a CNC programmer.

Constituting Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, the employers, who owed Buckley money on termination of employment, had sworn before both the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor, that neither had jurisdiction over Buckley’s claim for wages, because the matter was before the other. Hartmann, in ex-parte criminal conspiracy with the civil defendants, would illegally strip Buckley of the civil Due Process right, and all evidence to prosecute his wage claim, in violation of the provisions of the Colorado Wage Act, and specifically C.R.S. 8-4-110(2),  according to this uncorrupted Judge.

May 7, 2010 Goodwin Fraud Upon the Court in Settlement Conference Motion Response

May 6, 2010 Goodwin Fraud Upon the Court in Settlement Conference Motion Response

Notwithstanding Hartmann’s illegal deprivation of civil Due Process rights under the Colorado Wage Act,  Hartmann, in his personal capacity, would receive irrefutable evidence of Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant by the civil defendants on April 4, 2011, and a sworn confession of the crime on April 7, 2011. James Hartmann had also been implicated as a conspirator in a theft by forged affidavit of attorneys’ fees scam concurrently perpetrated by the civil defendants. Hartmann, and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office would conceal his complicity in crime.

Hartmann would act as Accessory to crime for three years, before turning Buckley’s wage claim case over to subordinate Judge Daniel Maus in 2013 to initiate the raid on Buckley’s home.  Hartmann, whom had concealed, aided, and abetted the Class 4 Felony, had Buckley’s home raided on the civil contempt warrant when he refused to submit to the jurisdiction of James Hartmann’s ‘sham’ Court.

The Longmont, CO Police, under the authority of Boulder DA Stan Garnett, would return ten days later to arrest Buckley on the trumped-up felony charge, claiming that a “credible threat” had been made against James Hartmann at the time of the civil contempt arrest. Neither Hartmann, nor the Boulder DA, the Weld County District Court, nor any of their agents, had any lawful right to be on Buckley’s property at any time following Judge James Hartmann’s surrender of jurisdiction for deprivation of civil Due Process rights, and acts as Accessory to Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, Wage Theft, Fraud, and Forgery.

No threat was ever made against Judge James Hartmann: the government had chosen to retaliate against Buckley for accusing the corrupt “Judge” of criminal complicity in a Wage Theft and Forgery scheme. Hartmann, caught in crime,  would commit First Degree Perjury in support of known forged evidence in the ‘Retaliation’ trial, to conceal his previous crime.

The Court transcript of Buckley’s criminal trial before the Boulder County District Court, April 21, 2014, would reveal defense attorney Michael Root would make no effort on his client’s behalf to  impeach Judge James Hartmann’s proven perjured testimony in support of his forged evidence. Buckley had been, “set up”. All that would remain of the comprehensive, multi-page evidentiary document sent to Hartmann, April 4, 2011, would be a 3 inch Post-It Note.

By Prosecutor Catrina Weigel:

Q Just to kind of summarize, on April 4, 2011, did
you get a handwritten letter from Mr. Buckley on that day?

A I did. It was on a smaller piece of paper and
written with what appeared to be a Sharpie marker and
written to me and signed by Mr. Buckley.

Q Okay, so let’s kind of — generally, are all of
the items that I handed you, are those documents contained
in the court file for the civil lawsuit we have been talking
about, case number 2009CV991?
A Yes, they are.
Q Is what I handed you true and accurate copies of
those documents in that file?
A They appear to be.

By Defense Attorney Michael Root:

Q You were kind enough to meet with my investigator
and myself up in your office in Greeley?
A That’s correct.
Q You showed us a copy of a note that was similar to
that, correct?
A The note that I have in the file?
Q Yes.
A Yes.
Q And if I recall correctly, the note that you
showed us didn’t have that bottom part on it about the lien
on the house. Maybe my memory is just faulty.
A No. This is accurate. Would you like to see the
Q No, if you say that’s what it is. So that was
accurately what was put in there?
A Yes.
MR. ROOT: For purposes of admission, Judge, I
don’t have any objection to the admission of those

Denver "Criminal "Defense" Attorney Michael Root - Suborns felony Perjury from the Prosecutions' Witness!

Denver “Criminal “Defense” Attorney Michael Root – Suborns felony Perjury from the Prosecutions’ Witness!

Defense attorney Michael Root had, in fact suborned First Degree Perjury from the prosecutions’ witness!

So, was Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Root, “duped” by Prosecutor Catrina Weigel and Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett? In Root’s own words, the answer is an emphatic, “NO”. In a pleading filed May 2, 2016 in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, Judge Kane presiding, Michael Root would clarify his competence, and confirm his corruption:

“In its response, the government claims counsel has been duped by his client. First of all counsel has 34 years of experience in representing criminal defendants. Counsel has been involved in over 20 death penalty cases. Counsel has tried over 50 murder cases to a jury. Counsel has handled innumerable cases involving mental health issues. Counsel is not being duped by anyone.” – Attorney Michael Root

On the morning of trial, fully aware of the motives, and the criminal evidence against “Judge” James Hartmann, attorney Michael Root would scream at Buckley, “I refuse to attack the Judge!”

Known felon, James F. Hartmann would perjure himself, and/or conceal material fact regarding EVERY article of evidence presented by the prosecution. Michael Root would do nothing. Attorney Michael Root, now criminally complicit, and in violation of the Colorado rules of Professional Conduct, would “throw” Buckley’s case, in favor of preservation of his own career.

Q I’m not sure if I can make this a coherent
question, but I’ll try. Would you agree with me that in the
pleadings Mr. Buckley on occasion would make allegations
that were sort of out there, I mean, not really based on
facts as far as the case was concerned?
A Yes.

Michael Root’s unwillingness to defend his client, and impeach the credibility of known felon James Hartmann can be summed up in this exchange in sworn testimony:

Q So you’re just reading them because they’re — you
would agree with me that the odds are a lawyer probably
wouldn’t include that language in a pleading to Your Honor.
That’s not something most lawyers would do?
A That’s correct.
Q And that’s because if the lawyer wanted to
continue practicing in front of Your Honor that probably
would not be a real wise thing to put in there, plus it’s
not very professional, is it?
A I agree.

Buckley’s life, or Attorney Michael Root’s career: guess which wins.

Buckley stated, “Still, the most clear and convincing evidence that Mike Root was criminally complicit in this ‘sham’ prosecution is the fact that he never introduced an alternate target of my alleged anger, or ‘threat’. I had already been wrongfully convicted of Misdemeanor harassment of my employers for sending then angrily worded emails demanding the liens be removed from my home. Listening to the audio, James Hartmann’s name was never mentioned in any statement which could be considered a, ‘credible threat’. This was a scam to shut me up from the word GO. There was no proof I ever made a threat against Hartmann, because it never happened.”

Based on the evidence, and lack thereof involving James Hartmann, it would have been more credible to hypothesize that Buckley would have sought harm against Dream Stone, Inc. attorney Daniel T. Goodwin, and secretary/treasurer Ida Murphy. That, however,  would not have resulted in Hartmann’s desired retaliatory felony conviction.

Buckley had sent a demand letter to Michael Root, ordering him turn over all evidence in his possession related to the criminal case, and specifically the results of a pre-trial interview Root had with James Hartmann at the Weld County Justice Center.  Michael Root has refused, and it is unlikely that he will ever comply. What is Michael Root continuing to conceal, other than the theft of Craig Buckley’s money? We can only speculate.

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