Is Colorado’s ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’ Law Facially Unconstitutional?

Colorado's Retaliation Against a Judge Law Unconstitutional Under the 14th Amendment.

Colorado’s Retaliation Against a Judge Law Unconstitutional Under the 14th Amendment.

In violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, Colorado’s ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’ law gives corrupt Judges carte blanche to weaponize the Courts against their perceived enemies.

So, you come home one day, and find a degenerate member of the Colorado Judiciary, balls deep in your twelve year old little boy’s ass. What do you do? “I’ll kill you motherfucker,” would be a reasonable reaction in such a circumstance. Well, guess what? You just bought yourself a Felony conviction.

A corrupt Judge, drunk off his ass, comes home and beats the living shit out of his wife. She screams in rage and panic, “I’ll kill you!” Guess what? You’re probably getting good at this by now. She just bought herself a felony conviction!

The previous examples were obvious hyperbole, but the outcome is very real. Colorado’s “Retaliation Against a Judge’ law, as written, grants unfettered free rein to Judges to terrorize, retaliate, and victimize anyone who dares accuse them of crime, or defend themselves from a corrupt Judge’s criminal acts. The goal being to harass their victim to a point that they make a statement which the offending “Judge” can then manufacture into a, “credible threat”.  

Unhinged lunatic Eric Brandt Convicted of Multiple Counts of 'retaliation Against a Judge'.

Unhinged lunatic Eric Brandt Convicted of Multiple Counts of ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’.

Nationwide, Judges are facing ever-increasing threats of, or actual violence from disgruntled litigants. In Colorado, the “Retaliation Against a Judge’ law played a vital role in the conviction of unhinged lunatic Eric Brandt. Colorado’s “Retaliation Against a Judge’ Law was designed to protect Colorado Judges from credible threats of violence in retaliation for functions performed in their official capacity. While the law is vital to the safety of Colorado judges and their families in these ever-increasingly violent times, it is likely the Colorado Legislature  never envisioned the potential for its abuse by a corrupt Judge caught in crime. 

This brings us to Weld County District Court Chief Judge James F. Hartmann, a known-corrupt Colorado Judge who was criminally complicit in a 2011 Wage Theft and Forgery scam by owners of (now defunct) Dream Stone, Inc., a countertop fabrication facility in Longmont, CO.

On April 4, 2011, according to Court records, Judge James Hartmann received an evidence package containing documents obtained from (then) Colorado Dept. of Labor & Employment Director Ellen Golombek proving Dream Stone, Inc. and specifically secretary/treasurer Ida E. Murphy and Dream Stone’s criminally complicit attorney, Daniel T. Goodwin, had worked simultaneous frauds on the Court, and the Division of Labor in which they swore that neither had jurisdiction over former CNC Programmer Craig Buckley’s claim for accrued wages under the Colorado Wage Act, because the matter was before the other. Judge James Hartmann would spend two years unlawfully concealing that evidence. 

A confession of that crime, constituting Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, would be elicited from Dream Stone Vice President Ron Murphy three days later, April 7, 2011, at a temporary restraining order hearing before Weld County Court Judge John Briggs, in which Dream Stone’s owners sought a  no contact order against Buckley.

Judge James Hartmann, whom had violated Buckley’s civil Due Process Rights under he Colorado Wage Act, and specifically C.R.S. 8-4-110(2), had stripped Buckley of all evidence and the right to prosecute his wage claim on June 17, 2010, and dismissed Buckley’s case shortly thereafter on July 22, 2010, awarding in excess of $20,000.00 to the defendants.

Hartmann was also implicated in an F5 Forgery scam, in which the employers’ attorney falsified a Court document in order to be paid for a response to motion, for which no fees were awarded.

Daniel T. Goodwin and Judge James Hartmann by Forgery Conspire to Defraud Longmont, CO Man.

Daniel T. Goodwin and Judge James Hartmann by Forgery Conspire to Defraud Longmont, CO Man for attorneys’ fees where no fees were awarded..  

As deprivation of Due Process rights deprives the Court of Jurisdiction, Buckley demanded Hartmann produce proof, on the record of the Court, of continuing Subject Matter Jurisdiction, and demanded to know under what abstraction of law, Hartman was allowed to enter rulings in contravention of Statutory authority . Hartman flatly refused, and Buckley therefore flatly refused to submit to the jurisdiction of “Judge” James Hartmann’s ‘sham’ Court.

Hartmann would spend the next two years as Accessory to Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, F5 Forgery, and Wage Theft, concealing, aiding, and abetting the criminal acts of the employers, until in June 2013 he transferred Buckley’s case to subordinate Judge Daniel Maus. Hartmann claimed he was influenced by posts critical of his rulings on Buckley’s website

Maus initiated a raid on Buckley’s home in July 2013 for civil contempt: Buckley had refused to give his former employers the deed to his home, and years of tax returns in support of their liens and collection efforts by collection attorney Jacques Ruda. During that illegal raid Buckley, shocked and terrified by the home invasion by Longmont Police, would yell, “There will be blood!”  Buckley’s home was raided again ten days later, and he was incarcerated on a single felony count of ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’. Hartmann’s name was never mentioned in connection with any statement which could be construed as a, “Credible Threat”.  Boulder Prosecutor Catrina Weigel would admit, during a pretrial hearing, that only those parts of the audio recorded by Longmont Police, which could be construed (read: manufactured) as threatening to the Judge, would be played. 

The Boulder District Attorney had tampered with the evidence.

Boulder DA Stan Garnett obtained Buckley’s conviction on April 21, 2014 using “Judge” James Hartmann’s Perjured testimony in support of his Forged evidence, Chief Deputy DA Catrina Weigel was the prosecutor, and had suborned felony perjury, according to the transcript. Hartmann had manufactured a, “credible threat” for the dual purposes of retaliation against his accuser, and concealment of his involvement in CRIME.

So should an individual, employed as a, “Judge”, but acting in his personal capacity as Accessory to multiple crimes, and in commission of additional crimes to conceal his complicity enjoy the protection of Colorado’s ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’ law? As written…apparently.              

The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law to all citizens, yet Judges are somehow, “more equal”. The arresting Longmont P.D. Officers, John Garcia and Stacy Stallings had both testified during the trial. Stallings, a reputable veteran officer refused to lie on the witness stand, stating she did not hear anything she would construe as a, “credible threat” to James Hartmann. Garcia however, did lie, stating he was obligated by law to report a “threat”, knowing the only, “threat” made against Hartmann during the illegal civil contempt raid was to, “destroy the psychopath little cocksucker’s career”. That, of course is the rightful purpose of this website. 

The Retaliation law states, in relevant part, that despite the fact that Officer Garcia’s testimony was perjured:

An individual commits retaliation against a judge by means of a credible threat as described in paragraph (a) of this subsection (1) if the individual knowingly makes the credible threat:

(b)  If the other person is required by statute or ethical rule to report the communication to the judge.

The perverse irony of this, is that both Judge James Hartmann and Judge John Briggs were, “required by statute and ethical rule” to report the crimes of the civil defendants in 2011. 

They did not: they chose to become Accessory After the Fact to F5 Forgery, F4 Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, Fraud, and Wage Theft.  

Colorado makes conduct criminal if anyone, including a lawyer, “renders assistance” by helping a person “conceal, destroy or alter any physical evidence that might aid in the . . . prosecution . . . of such person.” C.R.S. § 18-8-105(2)(e).

14th Amendment to the Constitution Provided EQUAL PROTECTION Under the Law. That includes protection from corrupt Judges.

14th Amendment to the Constitution Provided EQUAL PROTECTION Under the Law: that includes protection from corrupt Judges.

Colorado’s ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’ Law requires one simple addition to comply with the 14th Amendment: 

“A Judge shown to be, in his personal capacity, in commission of a criminal act against the accused at the time of the alleged, “credible threat”, shall not enjoy the protection of this law.” 

Craig Buckley stated, “Worst case scenario, the Boulder DA might have gotten away with convicting me of Misdemeanor Harassment of ‘Felony’ Jimmy Hartmann, but ‘Judge’ James Hartmann ceased to exist when he was acting in criminal conspiracy with my former employers.”

Further reading on personal v. Judicial capacity of a Judge:  

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