James F. Hartmann – Retaliation Against a Judge, or Retaliation BY a Judge?

If Judge James Hartmann was actually “in fear” of a “credible threat” by Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley, why did he have to commit Forgery and First Degree Perjury to obtain a conviction?

Greeley, CO – It has been well documented on the record of the Court, and throughout this website that Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley challenged the jurisdiction of the Weld County District Court to enter rulings in contravention of statutory authority. According to law, jurisdiction may be challenged at any time, and once the jurisdiction of a Court is challenged, it must be proven, on the record, to exist before the Court can take any further steps in a case.

Subject matter jurisdiction of Judge James Hartmann’s Court was challenged twice: once for violating Buckley’s rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Colorado Wage Act, and once for illegally forcing Buckley to pay attorneys’ fees for the defendants’ response to a motion for which no fees were awarded.

Hartmann flatly refused to enter Court Orders showing continued jurisdiction in light of the allegations made against the Court. Buckley then flatly refused to submit to the non-existent “jurisdiction” of James Hartmann’s “sham Court”, and his case was dismissed. An award of $20,000.00 was awarded to Buckley’s former employers, Dream Stone, Inc.

Buckley’s lawsuit, Buckley v. Dream Stone, Inc. et. al. was filed in 2009 in the Weld County District Court for the purpose of collection of accrued wages due on termination of employment.

Two years after the dismissal, “Judge” James Hartmann appointed his subordinate (Ret.) Weld County District Court Judge Daniel Maus, to effect a raid on Buckley’s home in support of a civil contempt of Court arrest warrant.  Buckley had refused to give his former employers years of tax returns, and the deed to his home in support of collection efforts the employers’ attorney, Jacques Ruda, had initiated in support of the liens on Buckley’s home. Hartmann, in his personal capacity,  had received evidence of fraud upon the Court by the employers, and their criminally complicit attorney, Daniel T. Goodwin, two years before the illegal raid had commenced. Hartmann had concealed, and acted as Accessory After the Fact to crime.

Ten days after the civil contempt arrest, Boulder County authorities, under the direction of Boulder DA Stan Garnett, would raid Buckley’s home again: this time on a felony arrest warrant. Buckley had been accused of making a “credible threat” statement about Judge James Hartmann during the first illegal raid on his home.

Audio evidence would indicate that, at no time was Hartmann mentioned by Buckley as the target of a “credible threat” during the contempt of Court arrest. As Buckley stood trial on the trumped-up felony charge in Boulder County District Court, that fact would be concealed by prosecutor Catrina Weigel, whom admitted during a pre-trial motions hearing, that only parts of the audio which could be construed as threatening to the Judge, would be played. The Boulder County DA had tampered with evidence, and Buckley’s defense attorney, Denver Colorado based Michael Root, would do nothing.

“Judge” James Hartmann, whom had claimed to be in fear for himself and his family, was called upon to testify. Interestingly, Hartmann had allowed a picture of himself and his wife to be published on the Weld County Bar Association website days after Buckley’s arrest, where it remained for over a year during the time between Buckley’s incarceration and trial.

Hartmann, whom would claim to be legitimately “in fear”, would, with intent to defraud, alter, and utter a written instrument which he had been purported to be:

  •  A public record or an instrument filed or required by law to be filed or legally fileable in or with a public office or public servant; and
  •  A written instrument officially issued or created by a public office, public servant, or government agency.

As previously stated, Hartmann had violated Buckley’s civil Due Process rights under the Colorado Wage Act C.R.S. 8-4-101 et seq. Under 8-4-110. Disputes – fees. 

(2) Any person claiming to be aggrieved by violation of any provisions of this article or regulations prescribed pursuant to this article may file suit in any court having jurisdiction over the parties without regard to exhaustion of any administrative remedies.

Buckley’s former employers had sworn before the Weld County District Court that it Court had no jurisdiction over his wage claim, because the matter was before the Colorado Division of Labor.

May 7, 2010 Goodwin Fraud Upon the Court in Settlement Conference Motion Response

May 7, 2010 Goodwin Fraud Upon the Court in Settlement Conference Motion Response

Based on nothing more than mere conclusory allegation, and in violation of C.R.S. 8-4-110(2), Judge James Hartmann stripped Buckley of all evidence, and the right to prosecute his wage claim before the Court.

Hartmann would state in his order dismissing Buckley’s case on July 22, 2010:

“Plaintiff points to rulings issued by this court in which the court found that Plaintiff has a pending claim before the CDLE for unpaid vacation time, which was argued by Defendants in their response to Plaintiffs motion for a settlement conference.”

“Plaintiff did not file a reply to Defendant’s response to the motion for settlement conference; therefore, Defendant’s assertion that the vacation pay claim was still pending before the CDLE was not refuted.”

Craig Buckley stated, “Yeah, why should I have to file a response to a legally irrelevant allegation unsupported by evidence, with no basis in fact?”

During 2014 sworn testimony regarding the 2013 raid on Buckley’s home and subsequent felony charge, Hartmann would “feign fear” of a document sent to him in April, 2011. Under direct examination by Boulder County Chief Prosecutor Catrina Weigel, Hartmann testified as follows:

Q So it wasn’t until the letter, then, that kind of your opinions about that changed?

A That’s when my — when I became more alarmed.
That’s when I became alarmed, I should say.

THE COURT: Sir, I have two jury questions, jury question one and two. I’m going to reverse the order of one and two so it make more sense. I’ll first read jury question No. 2. Please read Exhibit 7, the handwritten note.

MS. WEIGEL: May I approach?


A Exhibit 7 reads: “Hartmann, you need to fix
this” — words “fix this” are underlined — “and get the
lien off my house right now! Buckley, 09CV991.”

Hartmann would state of “the letter”:

Q Is what I handed you true and accurate copies of those documents in that file? 

A They appear to be.

Serving no purpose other than to prejudice the jury against Buckley, Hartmann had altered a written instrument sent to him in April 2011 by Craig Buckley. All that remained of the evidentiary document was a 3 inch Post-It Note: the “letter” which Hartmann claimed to be “alarmed” by.

A “letter” at least by U.S. standards, is an 8 1/2″ x 11″ document of an indeterminate number of pages. It would have been absurd for Buckley to have sent Hartmann nothing more than a 3″ Post-It Note in a #10 business envelope, which is why throughout the course of testimony, the jury was never allowed to hear what was ACTUALLY sent to James Hartmann in April, 2011.

Hartmann had committed F5 Forgery, and prosecutor Catrina Weigel had suborned said felony perjury.

So why did James Hartmann NEED to conceal what Buckley had sent to him in April, 2011? The answer is twofold. First, James Hartmann and Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck were PISSED. Buckley had initiated weldcountycorruption.com, corruptkenbuck.com, and  hartmannconspiracy.com shortly after his civil case had been dismissed in 2011. Second, and far more nefarious is the fact that “Judge” James Hartmann had been caught in crime. James Hartmann had acted as Accessory After the Fact to Class 5 Felony Forgery, and Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant.

According to evidence obtained from (then) CDLE Director Ellen Golombek, and the Weld County District Court Buckley’s former employers had sworn simultaneously before both the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor, that NEITHER had jurisdiction over Buckley’s wage claim, because the matter was before the OTHER. THIS is what was  James Hartmann actually received from Buckley,  April 4, 2011. The jury would never know that Hartmann had concealed it.

Buckley had already been fraudulently convicted in 2012 of ‘Harassment’ of his former employers for demanding, in several strongly worded emails, that the liens, obtained by fraud, be removed from his home. Via his website, Buckley would not shut up, and had to be taught a lesson… At any cost.

The second criminal act by “Judge” James Hartmann on the witness stand involves Buckley’s claims of the Court’s loss of subject Matter Jurisdiction for having been illegally forced to pay attorneys’ fees related to a response to motion for which no fees were awarded. This may be referenced directly on page 21 of the FULL TRANSCRIPT OF HARTMANN’S TESTIMONY. Hartmann would perjurously swear (Transcript P.12)  as follows:

A I granted the request for attorney’s fees when I denied Mr. Buckley’s motion to consolidate this case with another case that was pending in Weld County, another civil case that was pending in Weld County.

This is the civil defendants’ response to Buckley’s Motion for Consolidation, with attached affidavit of Michael Matthews.

This is “Judge” James Hartmann’s Order regarding above referenced response to motion. No fees were awarded. Hartmann had again lied on the witness stand.

This is where the fraudulently obtained fees for the affidavit of Michael Matthews, attached to and referenced in the defendants’ response to motion for consolidation would be extorted.

2/24/2010 Daniel T. Goodwin Attorneys' Fees Fraud

2/24/2010 Daniel T. Goodwin Attorneys’ Fees Fraud

There was no Affidavit of Michael Matthews attached to, or referenced in the response to Motion for Joinder of Parties, filed December 1, 2009. Hartmann had acted as Accessory to Crime, and thereby surrendered jurisdiction. Buckley would go on to fight Hartmann for four months, motion after motion. Hartmann would fraudulently rule, “The Court rejects the plaintiff’s allegations”. Hartmann would later vigorously complain about the number of motions filed by Buckley in this case.

For those of you with an extra chromosome, or just from Weld County, here is a diagram of the fraud worked upon the Weld County District Court, aided and abetted by James Hartmann.

Daniel T. Goodwin and Judge James Hartmann by Forgery Conspire to Defraud Longmont, CO Man.

Daniel T. Goodwin and Judge James Hartmann by Forgery Conspire to Defraud Longmont, CO Man.

The jury in Buckley’s ‘retaliation Against a Judge” case would never hear about “Judge” James Hartmann’s vile, malicious three years of unrelenting attacks, or his criminal activity in Buckley v. Dream Stone, et.al.,  nor would they ever hear that neither Hartmann, nor the Weld County District Court, nor any of Hartmann’s “Goons” had any right, EVER, to be on Buckley’s property.

The Hartmann Conspiracy’s legal analyst, who declined to be identified, stated, “This is perjury and forgery of official documents more typically found in false accusations of rape, bitter divorces, and child custody cases. Not that of an individual charged with maintaining the dignity and integrity of the Judiciary”.

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