Judge Andrew Hartman – Colorado’s Newest Corrupt Judge Rules Forgery & Felony Perjury by Judge James Hartmann “Not Material” in ‘Sham’ Retaliation Case.

Judge Andrew Hartmann Boulder District Court Judge

Liar: Judge Andrew Hartman Boulder District Court Judge rules Forgery and First Degree Perjury by Judge James Hartmann “not material” in Retaliation case.

Judge Andrew Hartman Boulder County District Court Judge “Pops His
Cherry” in Sham Retaliation Trial – Joins “The Brotherhood of the Black Robe.” 

This article was originally published April, 2017. “Colorado’s Newest Corrupt Judge”  has now been superseded by Judge “Cocaine” Ryan Kamada. 
Judge Andrew Hartmann Boulder District Court Judge

Like a scene from “Goodfellas”, Corrupt Boulder District Court Judge Andrew Hartmann, “pops his cherry” to join The Brotherhood of the Black Robe.

 Judge Andrew Hartman presided over the criminal trial of Longmont, Colorado homeowner Craig Buckley for “Retaliation Against a Judge’: a Boulder County District Court case described as, “bullshit” in a 2014 interview with Tim Masters’ attorney, David Wymore.

In July 2013, Buckley was arrested on a civil contempt warrant issued by the Weld County District Court for refusing to give the deed to his home to his former employers. 10 days later, his home was again illegally raided by Longmont, CO police, and Buckley was arrested for, “Retaliation Against a Judge” for alleged threatening statements he was purported to have made during the first illegal raid.

Buckley had attempted, pro-se, to sue his former employers in the Weld County District Court, for wages due on termination of employment.  In criminal conspiracy with Buckley’s former employers, Judge James Hartmann acted as Accessory  to Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant. The employers had sworn simultaneously before both the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor, that NEITHER had jurisdiction over Buckley’s wage claim, because the matter was before the OTHER causing him to be deprived of rights under the Colorado Wage Act, to seek remedy before either.

Buckley’s employers should have been incarcerated in 2011, but government authorities would conceal the crime, serving no purpose other than concealing Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann’s criminal complicity. 

The crime had been confessed, in sworn testimony April 7, 2011, before Weld County Court Judge John Briggs, and evidence proving the crime, obtained from former CDLE Director Ellen Golombek was known to have been in the possession of Judge James Hartmann and Boulder authorities two years before the illegal raid on Buckley’s home. 

Deprivation of Due Process rights deprives the Court of Jurisdiction, the Weld County District Court had surrendered jurisdiction over Buckley’s civil wage claim on June 17, 2010 for violations of Buckley’s Civil Due Process rights pursuant to C.R.S. 8-4-110(2).  Hartmann had illegally stripped Buckley of the right, and all evidence to prosecute his claim for accrued wages due on termination of employment. Irrefutable evidence of the employers’ felony act was sent to Judge James Hartmann in April, 2011, and the April 21, 2014 transcript of Hartmann’s perjured testimony would prove he had Forged evidence, and aided and abetted the crime, thus becoming Accessory to Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant.   

 Judge James Hartmann had used the Weld County Court to harass Buckley on his own property, and sought this ‘Retaliation’ charge because Hartmann had been caught in crime, and wanted Buckley SILENCED. 

In addition to his criminal complicity in Wage Theft, Judge James Hartmann was also implicated in a theft and fraud upon the Court scheme which caused the civil defendants to be paid in excess of $600.00 in fees for a response to a motion for which no fees were awarded. Hartmann would perjure himself, April 21, 2014, in concealment of his involvement in that crime, falsely swearing that fees were awarded, when the record of the Weld County District Court proved, in fact, they were not. 

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett, and Prosecutor Catrina Weigel had been in possession of this evidence two years before Garnett initiated the illegal raid on Buckley’s home, as Buckley had sought criminal charges against the employers in 2011.    

Legal analysts, as well as Colorado lawmaker Jonathan Singer, have concluded that neither the Weld County District Court, nor Judge James Hartmann, his subordinates, or his agents, had any lawful right to be on Buckley’s property. The Weld County District Court had surrendered jurisdiction over Buckley’s civil Court wage claim as a result of multiple Due Process Rights violations and criminal activity by “Judge” James Hartmann.

Degenerate Boulder County Prosecutor Catrina Weigel

Degenerate Boulder County Prosecutor Catrina Weigel suborns Felony Perjury in support of forged evidence.

On the first morning of trial, April 21, 2014, Denver, CO based criminal defense attorney Michael Root, with full knowledge of the extent of Judge James Hartmann’s illegal acts as presiding Judge over Buckley v. Dreamstone, Inc. et.al. stated to Buckley, “I refuse to attack the Judge”. Months later, an undisclosed Weld County source would reveal that Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck had threatened Root prior to the trial stating, “If you do anything to embarrass either me, or the Judge (James Hartmann), you’ll never practice law again”.

Buckley was convicted, on perjured testimony and forged evidence, of Class 4 Felony Retaliation Against a Judge on April 22, 2014. Prosecutor Catrina Weigel, according to an in-depth analysis of the official April 21,2014 Court transcript of James Hartmann’s testimony, had falsified evidence and suborned felony perjury by so-called “victim” Judge James Hartmann to obtain the conviction. Buckley’s attorney, Denver Colorado based criminal defense attorney Michael Root, made no attempt to defend Buckley, and no attempt to attack the forged evidence and perjured testimony. This email was sent to Michael Root on the evening of April 21, 2014, demanding that Root impeach Judge James Hartmann’s proven perjured testimony on the second day of trial. Root again refused to defend. 

Buckley fired Michael Root for failure to defend immediately after receiving the jury verdict. Judge Andrew Hartman, in response to Buckley’s pro-se Motion for Release of Counsel, ruled Michael Root’s failure to defend, and subornation of perjury was, “trial strategy”.

Judge Andrew Hartman, in his Court Order responding to  post-trial Motions filed pro-se by Buckley, stated that Judge James Hartmann’s proven Forgery and First Degree Perjury, “even if true” was, “not material”. See: 7.17.2014 D Mot. for Continuance and 7.18.2014 D. Motion for Mistrial. Impeachment of “Judge” James Hartmann’s proven perjured testimony would have indeed aided the defendant, but in his zeal to protect the reputation of a colleague, Andrew Hartmann was not going to let that happen. 

Corrupt Judge Andrew Hartmann has essentially ruled that pages 12 through 49 of Judge James Hartmann’s known perjured and/or evasive testimony are, “not material”. That is simply not credible. 

Buckley stated, “I find Andrew Hartmann’s fraudulent rulings morally repugnant. When one corrupt Judge rules that another corrupt Judge’s proven First Degree Perjury is, ‘not material’, it’s time for BOTH Judges to explore their career opportunities flipping beans at Taco Bell.:    

Buckley’s July 18, 2014 motion asserted that the Boulder District Court lacked jurisdiction to convict on proven perjured testimony and forged evidence. When a conviction is obtained by the presentation of testimony known to the prosecuting authorities to have been perjured, due process is violated. Judge Andrew Hartman ignored the challenge to jurisdiction. The Boulder County District Attorney, in furtherance if their criminal complicity and fully committed to their ‘sham’ prosecution, would submit a falsified presentencing evaluation to the Court. 

Buckley, having fired attorney Michael Root, knew Judge James Hartmann’s perjured testimony was no longer protected by a compliant defense attorney. Buckley had a Due Process RIGHT to obtain evidence to impeach the credibility of known felon James F. Hartmann, Due Process was denied.

Buckley stated, ” If Hartmann was willing to lie, or omit material facts about every article of evidence presented by the prosecution, there is a high probability that he was lying about feeling a ‘credible threat’. The jury would have thought very differently about Hartman, had the prosecution and the Judge of the Court not conspired to engage in such vile misconduct.” 

The law has long inferred that a witness who will lie about one fact will lie about others. See
Mesarosh v. United States, 352 U.S. 1, 13-14 (1956).  

The Supreme Court made clear that deliberate deception of a court and jurors by the presentation of known false evidence is incompatible with “rudimentary demands of justice.” Mooney v. Holohan, 294 U.S. 103, 112 (1935). In Napue v. Illinois, 360 U.S. 264 (1959), the Supreme Court reiterated that a conviction obtained through use of false testimony, known to be such by representatives of the State, is a denial of Due Process.

After the trial, Buckley demanded criminally complicit Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett produce documentary evidence in support of Hartmann’s known-perjured testimony: Garnett, in violation of the Colorado Open Records Act, flatly refused. Why? Because the evidence, or nonexistence thereof, would have meant the end of James Hartmann’s career. 

Stan Garnett July 15, 2014 Violation of Colorado Open Records Act, (CORA) C.R.S. § 24-72-201 to 206

Stan Garnett July 15, 2014 in concealment of F5 Forgery & First Degree Perjury by Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann. In violation of Colorado Open Records Act, (CORA) C.R.S. § 24-72-201 to 206

“Bullshit”, as attorney David Wymore would say.

Boulder DA Stan Garnett suborns First Degree Perjury in Support of Forged Evidence.

Boulder DA Stan Garnett suborns First Degree Perjury in Support of Forged Evidence by Judge James Hartmann.

The Court transcript indicates that the majority of the prosecutions’ case relied, not on the purported “credible threat” alleged to have been made by Buckley, but on six motions he had filed with the Court, and one document he had sent to Hartmann personally two years before the illegal raid on Buckley’s home and resultant criminal charges. The Boulder DA’s case was built on “totality of circumstances”: and that is where Hartmann’s forgery and first degree perjury became, “material”. Judge James Hartmann had forged evidence to conceal his complicity in crime, and Judge Andrew Hartmann, Colorado’s Newest Corrupt Judge, in violation of Judicial Canon  and Colo. R. Civ. P. 251.4 would conceal it.

Felony Andy Hartman

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