Longmont’s Craig Buckley Attacked by Corrupt Judge Implicated in Fraud/Forgery Scandal.

Longmont's Craig Buckley whistleblower victimized for a decade by corrupt Colorado officials.

Longmont’s Craig Buckley – whistleblower victimized for a decade by corrupt Colorado officials.

Chief Judge of Colorado’s 19th judicial District, James Francis Hartmann CAUGHT! Hartmann’s Accuser, Longmont’s Craig Buckley, Would Pay the Price.

Greeley, CO – Ten years ago today, Weld County District Court Chief Judge James F. Hartmann dismissed a wage claim lawsuit I filed against my former employers, Dream Stone, Inc., a countertop fabrication company where I had worked as a CNC programmer. That was to be the beginning of the end of my life as I knew it. The reason for dismissing my case? I refused to submit to the jurisdiction of a Court that ruled in contravention of Statutory authority. Irrefutable evidence had also indicated that my former employers’ attorneys had worked numerous frauds upon the Court, and Judge James Hartmann was acting in criminal conspiracy with the civil defendants.

So, what had Judge Hartmann done that caused me to make such outrageous claims? Well, first he allowed the defendants, my former employers, to respond to my claim 63 days after the lawsuit was filed. I should have known trouble was brewing. The Rules of Civil Procedure require that a defendant respond within 21 days.

Judge Hartmann also condoned, “trial by ambush”. The Rules of Civil procedure require that  parties (or attorneys) in a case, “shall” meet and confer to discuss the nature of claims and defenses to be presented at trial. No such conference ever took place, and Judge Hartmann failed to rule on the matter, and enter a showing of, “good cause” on the record why this mandatory rule was not complied with. My employers’ attorney, Daniel T. Goodwin, just didn’t want to because I was a pro-se litigant, and he fraudulently claimed such a meeting would be, “unproductive”.

As the case proceeded, mainly through filing of motions, I had filed a motion for consolidation, seeking to have my case combined with that of another employee, former Dream Stone, Inc. VP Todd Coday. The cornerstone of my case was for wages due on termination of employment, Dream Stone also owed me some fees for web design.  Todd Coday’s civil claim was for breach of contract. For the defendants’ response to my motion,  Daniel T. Goodwin reached out to Todd Coday’s attorney, Michael Matthews. After several phone consultations with Matthews, in which he expressed that Mr. Coday did not wish to have his case consolidated with mine, Goodwin prepared an affidavit on behalf of Mr. Matthews, which he attached as exhibit to the defendants’ response to my consolidation motion.

My motion for consolidation was denied, and no fees were awarded to the defendants. The Court ruled there was no way I could reasonably have known the two cases were dissimilar enough to not warrant consolidation.

I had filed another motion within the same time period.  I sought to have the defendants’ attorneys, Daniel T. Goodwin and Blaine Bowne joined as defendants to my civil case. On information and belief, it was my assertion that Goodwin and Bowne were not acting as attorneys bound by the laws of the State of Colorado and the Rules of Professional Conduct, but rather as criminal conspirators with Scott Murphy (CEO), Ron Murphy (VP), and Ida Murphy (secretary/treasurer} of Dream Stone, Inc.

That motion was denied, and fees were awarded to the defendants. Judge James Hartmann ruled I had made, “serious, unsubstantiated allegations of criminal conduct by the defendants and their attorneys”.

Daniel T. Goodwin decided he was going to get paid for the response to my motion for consolidation, and specifically all the time spent conferring with Todd Coday’s attorney Michael Mathews, preparing an affidavit on behalf of Matthews, and incorporating it into the defendants’ response to my motion for consolidation.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll remember from four paragraphs ago that no fees were awarded for the defendant’ response to my motion for consolidation. If you don’t remember, no worries. I’ve prepared this illustrative diagram detailing precisely the fraud worked upon the Weld County District Court by attorney Daniel T. Goodwin on behalf of my former employers.

Daniel T. Goodwin and Judge James Hartmann by Forgery Conspire to Defraud Longmont, CO Man.

Daniel T. Goodwin and Judge James Hartmann Conspire by Forgery to Defraud Longmont, CO Man.

Ironically, this is the precise type of criminal behavior which compelled me to motion that Goodwin and Bowne be joined to the case as defendants. There are many fully evidenced articles throughout this website detailing how the defendants engaged in this court-sanctioned forgery to steal over $600.00 dollars from me to which they were unentitled. I would battle Judge James Hartmann, exhibited motion after motion attempting to prove that the employers and their attorney forged the affidavit of attorneys’ fees. Hartmann ruled, “The court rejects the plaintiff’s allegations”.

Something funny was going on here.

But wait, there’s more!

So you’re thinking, “Wow, this Buckley’s an idiot. Why didn’t he just go to the Colorado Division of Labor with his wage claim?” Sure, in a civilized world, however NOT in Daniel Goodwin, Scott, Ron, and Ida Murphy’s world.

Enter attorney Daniel Goodwin again, in a forged document to the Colorado Division of Labor, the employers’ attorney swore that I was not entitled to an award of my accrued wages on termination of employment, because I hadn’t worked there for a full year. I produced 26 months of continuous, uninterrupted paycheck stubs, Goodwin produced nothing other than unsubstantiated allegation, and the DOL sided with the employers because the were represented by an ATTORNEY, I wasn’t going to fight their attempt to influence a public servant before the DOL.   I later found out that Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck, had authorized Goodwin and the employers to destroy the timecards.

So I thought, OK fine, you want to play it that way, I’ll just take the matter before the Weld County District Court. It’s my right, right? The Colorado Wage Act says that any person aggrieved can file a case in any court having jurisdiction without regard to exhausting administrative remedy. Plain language of the law. Here we go.

Although not specifically stated in my original complaint, in Colorado, pro-se litigants pleadings are to be construed liberally. The claim for accrued wages was, however, fully articulated in a later amendment to the complaint.  The employers knew I was seeking an award of accrued wages and penalties before the Court, and also knew that I had filed with the DOL only seeking fines payable to the DOL, and possible criminal charges. It said exactly that in my original report to the DOL, as well as informing the DOL that the matter of accrued wages and penalties was before the Weld County District Court. Ida murphy would confirm that fact in her communications with the DOL, and additionally confirm the fact that I had only filed with the DOL as an, “evidence gathering mechanism”.

Here comes the employers’ attorney Daniel Goodwin again, this time tag teaming with Dream Stone, Inc. secretary/treasurer Ida Murphy. Dan Goodwin filed a forged response to motion for settlement conference which cites Workers’ Compensation law, and claims that the court has no jurisdiction over my wage claim, because the matter is before the DOL.

On the very same day, and throughout multiple emails over the next week, Ida Murphy is simultaneously swearing to the DOL that they have no jurisdiction over my case, because the matter is before the Court!

Judge James Hartmann illegally stripped me of all evidence, and the right to prosecute my wage claim, mere hours before I had been commanded to appear for deposition by Daniel T. Goodwin.

I filed a motion for protective orders citing the Court’s lack of jurisdiction to force payment of attorneys’ fees for response to a motion no fees were awarded for, and loss of subject matter jurisdiction for violation of my rights under the Colorado Wage Act, and specifically, C.R.S. 8-4 110(2).

My understanding of subject matter jurisdiction, and the laws surrounding void judgments, misguided as it might be, led me to believe challenging a Courts jurisdiction to make a particular ruling acts as a, “safety valve” in which a litigant can basically say to the Court, “Hey, you can’t do that, and if you can, please cite the statutory law, or common law precedent which supports the Court’s ruling”. My reading of, “the plain language of the law” contained in numerous common law precedents pertaining to a Court’s loss of subject matter jurisdiction also led me to believe that jurisdiction, once challenged, must be proven to exist. There are numerous ways in which a Court can lose subject matter jurisdiction, or so says the law: fraud upon the Court, illegal acts of a Judge, rulings in contravention of statutory authority, Due Process violations, etc.

I refused to submit to the jurisdiction of a Court that willfully violated my Due Process rights, and submit to deposition by an officer of the Court whom had worked a fraud upon the Court.  I demanded proof of continuing jurisdiction. Judge James Hartmann would never enter an order proving continuing SMJ on the record. On July, 22 2010, Judge James Hartman  dismissed my case with prejudice, and awarded in excess of $20,000.00 in attorneys’ fees to the defendants.

Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck would appoint a top-tier felony prosecutor, Chief Deputy DA Steve Wrenn, and Deputy DA Sarah J. Bousman to convict me of Class 3 Misdemeanor ‘Harassment’ of the employers, for having angrily demanded via several emails, that their fraudulently obtained liens be removed from my home.

In 2011, Dream Stone, Inc. VP Ron Murphy would even confess to the F4 crime of Attempt to Influence a Public Servant in sworn testimony before the Boulder County Court.  “Judge” James Hartmann, Weld County, and Boulder County officials would nonetheless spend years attacking me after the evidence, and the confession came to light.

In 2013, Judge James Hartmann would assign (Ret.) Judge Daniel Maus to initiate an illegal raid on my home for refusing to give the deed to my property, and years of tax returns to my former employers.  Ten days later, Boulder County authorities would raid my home again, arresting me on a charge of  F4 ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’ for an alleged ‘credible threat’ statement I was purported to have made against Judge James Hartmann during the first illegal raid.

Through use of sworn testimony, verifiable evidence, statutory, and common law precedent, this website is dedicated to exposing the TRUTH behind the criminal conspiracy of what certain corrupt government officials would have you believe is fact. Documentary evidence contained on this website proves perjury, forgery, evidence tampering, and criminal conspiracy to convict me of ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’, and exonerate Judge James Hartmann.

Consider this website to be a cautionary tale. If you catch a corrupt public official in commission of crime, as I had caught Judge James Hartmann acting as Accessory After the Fact to F4 Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, and F5 Forgery, and in commission of subsequent further criminal acts to conceal culpability, your life may very well be destroyed, too.

To the corrupt government officials who have destroyed by life through your criminal acts, know this: I will fight you to the end of time. For everyone else, enjoy the website.

Craig Buckley
Publisher – The Hartmann Conspiracy

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