Judge Matthew D. Grove – Corrupt Former Assistant AG Who Concealed Judge James Hartmann’s Involvement in Crime Appointed to the Colorado Court of Appeals!

"Judge" Matthew D. Grove Accessory to Crime.

“Judge” Matthew D. Grove – Obstructs Justice – Accessory to Crime.

817 Days After the Fact, Judge James Hartmann “rolls” on corrupt former Deputy AG Matthew D, Grove proving Obstruction of Justice, Forgery, Fraud Upon the Court & Accessory to Crime – Why Grove is unfit to be a Judge.

Denver, CO – Matthew D. Grove was sworn in as a Judge of the Colorado Court of Appeals on January 9, 2019. Governor John Hickenlooper appointed Grove on November 29, 2018, to succeed Judge Alan Loeb. He had previously worked under Attorney General John Suthers as Assistant Attorney General in the Public Officials Unit. At the time relevant to this article, Grove is known to have been involved in the Federal Court lawsuit filed against the State of Colorado, and more specifically the Colorado State Patrol on July 31, 2006, by Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley.

Buckley had been violently assaulted, called, “low as any Nigger”, and falsely arrested on July 31, 2004 by Colorado State Patrol Trooper Bradley Lawrence Keadle, and his sergeant, Jerry Copley. On November 5, 2008, Buckley settled the lawsuit. The Colorado Attorney General’s Office was enraged. According to Buckley’s attorney, Centennial, CO based Paul Grant, the Colorado AG’s Office would seek revenge.

Fast forwarding approximately one year, the Colorado Attorney General’s Office is back in Buckley’s life, and ‘out for blood’, this time in the form of obstructing a wage claim Buckley had before the Colorado Division of Labor. Buckley’s former employers, Dream Stone, Inc. owed him accrued wages upon termination of his 26 month term of employment. Buckley filed a lawsuit in the Weld County District Court for the wages and penalties, and months later, filed a complaint with the Colorado Division of Labor & Employment seeking only criminal charges and fees against the employers.

The employers decided to swear before BOTH the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor, that NEITHER had jurisdiction over Buckley’s wage claim, because the matter was before the OTHER.

James Hartmann, in violation of Buckley’s Due Process rights under Colorado Wage Act § 8-4-101, et seq. stripped Buckley of right and the evidence to prosecute his wage claim mere hours before he was commanded by subpoena duces tecum to appear for deposition. Fraudulently citing Worker’s Compensation law, Hartmann ruled that because the wage claim was before the Division of Labor, the court lacked Statutory authority to hear Buckley’s wage claim.

Buckley refused to submit to deposition by an officer of the Court, whom had worked a fraud upon the Court. The case was dismissed, $20,000.00 in attorneys’ fees were awarded to the civil defendants, multiple liens were placed on Buckley’s home, Buckley wrote angry emails to the employers demanding the liens be removed, and he was ultimately jailed for ‘Harassment’ of the employers, and ordered to stand trial before the Weld County Court, Judge Michele Meyer presiding.

Other articles on The Hartmann Conspiracy go into much greater detail on this subject.

Buckley had attempted to obtain evidence and subpoena witnesses prior to the trial. One such subpoena was to compel the appearance of Weld County District Court James Francis Hartmann. Evidence in Buckley’s possession indicated that James Hartmann had not acted in his capacity as a Judge, but rather as a private party in criminal conspiracy with Buckley’s former employers.

On.  September 17, 2012, Buckley received this Motion to Quash the appearance of Judge James Hartmann from the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

“When you always tell the truth, you never have to remember anything, it’s when you lie, that life gets, real, real messy.” – Craig Buckley

Hartmann had spent days hiding in his chambers, evading Buckley’s process server, Chris Wright of Chris Wright & Associates, LLC, until the time to serve had passed. Grove would argue that the subpoena was not timely served.

There was a Motions Hearing on September 19, 2012. Two Assistant Attorneys General had been dispatched from Denver to the Weld County Court. One was Chief Assistant Attorney General Matthew D. Grove, the other remains unidentified.  Ordinarily, a Motions Hearing is an opportunity for both parties to argue their respective points on the particular thing to be asked of the Court. This, however, was a, “grudgefuck”. Buckley, appearing pro-se, was made to sit in the back of the courtroom, and was not allowed by Judge Michele Meyer (Judge James Hartmann’s subordinate) to utter a word in rebuttal.

Of particular interest, the Colorado Attorney General’s Office had been in possession of every bit of evidence posted on this website for two years prior to the Weld County District Attorney’s, and Weld County Court’s malicious prosecution of this case.

The “Court” had ruled as follows:

Judge Michele Meyer Fraudulent Order

Judge Michele Meyer Fraudulent Order

Again, Buckley was not allowed to speak, and the motion presented by Matthew D. Grove was granted unchallenged.

In Mr. Grove’s forged document, he asserts the following:

“Judicial Officers May Not Be Called to Testify to Matters Observed in their Judicial Function Unless Extraordinary Circumstances Exist; No Such Circumstances Exist.”

Mr. Grove fraudulently continued:

“Unless extraordinary circumstances exist, such as an irregularity with a court
record, a judicial officer cannot be called to testify to matters observed in his judicial
function. See Tippett, 733 P.2d at1 194 (Colo. 1987).”

“absent a showing of extraordinary need, a judge
may not be compelled to testify about matters observed as the consequence of the performance of his official duties.”); United States v. Zipkin, 729 F.2d 384, 389 (6th Cir. 1984); Blue Mountain Iron & Steel Co. v. Portner, 13 1 F. 57’60 (C.C.A.4 1904), cert.  denied, 195 U.S. 636 (1904); Hardeman v. State, 252 S.W. 503, 504 (1923).”

“Judge Hartmann has no documents or other materials that are responsive to the subpoena.”

“…it appears likely that Mr. Buckley will seek testimony from Chief Judge Hartmann regarding “evidence of fraud upon the Court by alleged victims,” and “all evidence of harassment/provocation of Defendant by alleged victims” as recorded in District Court case no. 09CV0991. As Tippett, supra, holds, Chief Judge Hartmann may not be compelled to testify about information in the record in that case.”

While Buckley sat muzzled in the back of the courtroom, Grove would spout lies, testifying that Buckley would only reference the occurrences on the record of the Court, and only those matters which arose out of the Judge acting in his official capacity.

There’s a great benefit in life to always telling the truth: you never have to remember anything. It’s when you lie, that life gets complicated. 817 days later, Judge James Hartmann would make that mistake, and prove Matthew D. Grove obstructed justice, forged the motion to quash, worked a fraud on the Court, and was an accessory to crime.

On April 21, 2014, before the HONORABLE ANDREW HARTMAN, Judge of the Boulder County District Court and a Jury of Twelve, Judge James Hartmann would testify under oath as follows:

Q Just to kind of summarize, on April 4, 2011, did
you get a handwritten letter from Mr. Buckley on that day?

A I did. It was on a smaller piece of paper and
written with what appeared to be a Sharpie marker and
written to me and signed by Mr. Buckley.

Q Now, Exhibit No. 7 is the note that you got, and
this was not hand delivered to you by the Defendant. You
got this through how?

A It was provided to me by the clerk’s office. So
you’re correct, it was not handed to me by Mr. Buckley.

Q So it wasn’t as if he forced his way into your
office and said, Here, Judge? I mean, this came to you
maybe through not the normal proceeding but at least through
your clerk?

A That’s correct, with one exception, that he sent
it to me personally rather than filing it as a pleading in
the case.

Oh, on this Exhibit 7, was there anything else
attached to this when you got it?

A Yes.

Q There was, like, a big pile of pleadings and
documentation saying why you should fix this based on the

A Yes. He filed miscellaneous paperwork with that
handwritten note.

(Fmr.) Colorado Attorney General John Suthers Acting in Criminal Conspiracy With Weld County DA Ken Buck

(Fmr.) Colorado Attorney General John Suthers Acting in Criminal Conspiracy With Weld County DA Ken Buck

Buckley had purposefully sent this evidence to Mr. James Francis Hartmann in his personal capacity.  Mr. Grove had lied, and knew what the evidence to be presented was, as the Colorado Attorney General’s Office had received the identical evidence package, obtained form (Fmr.) CDLE Director Ellen Golombek on, or about the same day, April 4, 2011. Hartmann was implicated as an Accessory to Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, and Class 5 Felony Forgery, and Grove knew it.

The evidence tampering and Hartmann’s perjury before the Boulder County District Court regarding  the “letter”, or “note”, and, “miscellaneous paperwork”  is a subject for a different article.

At issue here: the civil defendants, or “victims” in this harassment case, had sworn simultaneously before BOTH the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor that NEITHER had jurisdiction over Buckley’s wage claim, because the matter was before the OTHER. Hartmann had concealed it, and was ass-deep.

This is the criminal evidence, and Hartmann’s personal involvement in it that Matthew D. Grove and John Suthers needed to hide.

While the Statute of Limitations has run on some of Matthew D. Grove’s criminal acts, one constant remains: FORGERY is forever.

It’s time for Mr. Grove to go.


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