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"Judge" Matthew D. Grove Accessory to Crime.

Judge Matthew D. Grove – Corrupt Former Assistant AG Who Concealed Judge James Hartmann’s Involvement in Crime Appointed to the Colorado Court of Appeals!

817 Days After the Fact, Judge James Hartmann “rolls” on corrupt former Deputy AG Matthew D, Grove proving Obstruction of Justice, Forgery, Fraud Upon the Court & Accessory to Crime – Why Grove is unfit…

Steve Wrenn - Weld County DA Chief Prosecutor Aids/Abets Crime to Protect Corrupt Judge.

Steve Wrenn – Chief Deputy District Attorney – Weld County – Corrupt Prosecutor Accessory to Multiple Felonies in Judge Hartmann Scandal.

Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck Appoints  High Profile Felony Prosecutor to Secure Conviction of Felony Victim in Class 3 Misdemeanor Case. Greeley, CO – Steve Wrenn stands in distinction as the Weld County prosecutor…

James Hartmann 19th Judicial District Chief Judge

Colorado’s 19th Judicial District Chief James Hartmann – Staggeringly Incompetent or Insanely Malicious?

James F. Hartmann – Colorado 19th Judicial District “Judge” in illegal defiance of Colorado Wage Act Law, Rules of Civil Procedure, FLSA, and Due Process Rights to conceal his staggering incompetence & corruption. Greeley, CO…

Denver Law Firm, Michael G. Root Attorney at Law 1563 Gilpin Street Denver, Colorado 80218 303-318-7181 phone 303-318-7182 fax

Michael Root Denver Defense Attorney : “I Refuse To Attack The Judge!”

Denver Attorney Michael Root – Corrupt defense attorney makes unsubstantiated accusations against his own client, and admits refusal to effectively defend Longmont, CO man falsely accused of ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’. On the morning of…

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