Attorney Sarah Bousman – Degenerate Deputy DA Acts as Accessory to F4 Felony to Obtain M3 Harassment Conviction of Crime Victim.

Attorney Sarah J. Bousman - Degenerate Felon

“Attorney” Sarah Bousman – Known Felon acts as Accessory After the Fact to Forgery, Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, Fraud, & Wage Theft in retaliatory prosecution staged by DA Ken Buck.

Attorney Sarah J. Bousman – Known Felon and now Franklin D. Azar Settlement Mill Sweatshop Worker – Forgery, Obstruction, Accessory to Crime, Subornation of Felony Perjury, Brady Violations, to Obtain Misdemeanor Conviction of Felony Victim.

Denver, CO – Investigation has revealed that Attorney Sarah J. Bousman, the former Weld County Deputy District attorney tasked with prosecution of Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley for misdemeanor harassment of his former employers, is now working at the law firm of Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C.

Attorney Sarah J. Bousman - Degenerate Felon & Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C. Sweatshop Worker.

Attorney Sarah Bousman – 2 years in to her legal career, and already committing disbarable offenses.

Evidence in the 2012 Weld County Court case indicates that Sarah J. Bousman, in consort with lead attorney, Weld County Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wrenn, willfully and maliciously obstructed defendant Craig Buckley’s Due Process right to obtain Brady material, and in so doing, became  Accessory after the fact to Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, and Class 5 Felony Forgery.

Buckley had been jailed, and held on a $20,000.00 bond for a single Class 3 Misdemeanor charge of ‘Harassment’ of his former employers when, in 2011, he had sent several angrily worded emails to his former employers, Dream Stone, Inc., demanding they remove numerous fraudulently obtained liens from his home.

Buckley had been involved in a wage dispute with the employers before the Weld County District Court, which was dismissed after Buckley had twice refused to submit to deposition by the employers’ attorney, Daniel T. Goodwin. Buckley’s assertion before the Court was that he refused to submit to deposition by an officer of the Court, whom had worked a fraud upon the Court.   Attorneys’ fees were awarded to the civil defendants, and they immediately encumbered Buckley’s home with in excess of $20,000.00 in property liens. There were however, numerous problems, all of which are fully detailed, as is Sarah Bousman’s criminal complicity, in THIS ARTICLE.

Ida Murphy, Scott Murphy, Ron Murphy - Dream Stone, Inc. Longmont, CO

Ida Murphy, Scott Murphy, Ron Murphy – Dream Stone, Inc. Longmont, CO

The employers, now the alleged ‘victims’ in this Weld County Court criminal case, had forged documents in the civil matter forcing Buckley to pay attorneys’ fees for a motion no fees were awarded for, had forged documents before the Colorado Division of Labor swearing that Buckley was not entitled to an award of accrued wages, because he had worked for the company for less than one year, and had forged documents swearing simultaneously before both the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor, that neither had jurisdiction over Buckley’s wage claim, because the matter was before the other.  Ron Murphy had, in fact, confessed under oath to Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant during an April 7, 2011 hearing before Weld County Court Judge John Briggs.

But-for the multiple criminal acts of the employers, and Weld County authorities’ criminal and malicious refusal to act, no crime of ‘harassment’ would have ever occurred.

Sarah J. Bousman knew all of this, as there was an extensive paper trail leading directly to Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck’s, and Weld County DA’s Office Chief Investigator Keith Olson’s concealment of this felony evidence prior to unlawful dismissal of Buckley’s civil claim, the spurious liens on Buckley’s home, and the retaliatory arrest for, “harassment”.

On October 18, 2011 Sarah J. Bousman filed a forged document, specifically MOTION TO QUASH SUBPOENA DUCES TECUM OF IDA MURPHY with the Weld County Court.

While the Statute of Limitations has run on many of Sarah J. Bousman’s criminal acts, it is important to note that there is no Statute of Limitations on Class 5 Felony § 18-5-102. Forgery.

Forgery – CO Rev Stat § 18-5-102

(1) A person commits forgery, if, with intent to defraud, such person falsely makes, completes, alters, or utters a written instrument which is or purports to be, or which is calculated to become or to represent if completed:

(d) A public record or an instrument filed or required by law to be filed or legally fileable in or with a public office or public servant; or

(e) A written instrument officially issued or created by a public office, public servant, or government agency;

(2) Forgery is a class 5 felony.

Let’s examine the evidence:

As Buckley sought an award of accrued wages due on termination of his 26 month term of employment with Dream Stone, Inc. the owners, Scott Murphy (CEO), Ron Murphy (VP), and Ida E. Murphy (Secretary/Treasurer) would forge documents, through their criminally complicit attorney Daniel T. Goodwin, swearing that Buckley was unentitled to an award of said wages, because he had worked for the company for less than one year.

Attorney Caroline R. Kert Acts In Criminal Conspiracy With Daniel T. Goodwin, Of The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin, To Conceal Multiple Felony Acts

March 9, 2010 – Forged document to the Colorado Division of Labor by the alleged, “harassment victims”, known to have been in the possession of, and concealed by Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck and Investigator Keith Olson one year prior to the alleged ‘harassment’.

Copies of Buckley’s 26 months of sequential, uninterrupted paycheck stubs, were known to have been in the possession of Weld County authorities two years prior to this malicious prosecution.  Checks #15678 #15679 #15721, #15722  had irrefutably proven Buckley had worked for the employers 110.5 hours during the pay period(s) spanning the 5 days  he is alleged to have, “quit”. A mathematical impossibility.

Sarah Bousman, and her criminal conspirator Weld County Chief Deputy DA Steve Wrenn, would elicit and suborn First Degree Perjury from Dream Stone, Inc. secretary/treasurer Ida E. Murphy in concealment of Dream Stone’s fraud.

Buckley stated (of Dream Stone), “Everyone who worked there walked out of that shithole at one time or another, fabricators, the CNC operator, the saw operator, installers, the templater… everyone, but always came back the next day, and never as a, ‘brand new employee’. That’s a  bullshit lie. The screaming, the violent irrational fits of rage, the psychological abuse was too much at times, but the money was goddamn good. Scott Murphy was awake for days at a time, his behavior was erratic, he was oily and dirty and had a hot acidic BO smell, and his pupils were often dilated. It’s my personal opinion that he was often on meth, or cocaine. Everyone who worked there agreed it was fucking horrible. They begged me to come back the next day, unfortunately I did. When I finally did quit in 2008, and asked for my final paycheck, Murphy said, ‘Fuck You!’.”

Of Buckley’s termination in 2008, the Industrial Claims Appeals Office determined that Dream Stone, Inc. was, “an abusive environment”.

Let’s examine Sarah J. Bousman’s Class 5 Felony Forgery:

Buckley was seeking four (4) timecards from the month of December, 2007 to prove the felonies of Forgery, and Attempt to Influence A Public servant by the ‘victims’, which caused the alleged, ‘harassment’. That wouldn’t be a problem in an uncorrupted Court.

Referring to Buckley’s subpoena as a, “fishing expedition”, Bousman first fraudulently cites People v. Spykstra, 234 P.3d 662, 669 (Colo. 2010).

In Bousman’s cited case Appellate Court ruling stated that  the trial court erred in ordering enforcement of the subpoenas by allowing Spykstra’s computer forensic expert into the home of B.G.’s parents to search their computer because such a procedure effectively converted the subpoenas into search warrants.

Sarah J. Bousman would have the Court believe that Buckley’s demand for four (4) timecards was a, “fishing expedition”.

“Fishing expedition” is an informal legal term used by the prosecution to cynically refer to the prosecution’s attempt to undertake more intrusive searches of a witnesses’ premises, person, or possessions when (in the prosecution’s view) there is insufficient probable cause to carry out such a search.

Sarah J. Bousman, pleading her forged document, would assert: 

“The Defendant’s Subpoena fails because the Defendant’s time cards from 2007 are not relevant to the charged conduct. A four year old time card does not make any fact of consequence to the charge of harassment more of less likely.”

False: There are 360 days between the alleged victims’ above shown forged March 9, 2010  filing with the Division of Labor, which provoked the incident, and March 4, 2011, the date of the alleged offense. The timecards became, “at issue” on March 9, 2010, one year before Sarah J. Bousman sought to quash this exculpatory evidence.

Sarah J. Bousman, continuing to plead her forged document, would assert:

“The Defendant does not need the time cards to prepare for trial.”

False:  Exculpatory evidence is defined as evidence, such as a statement, tending to excuse, justify, or absolve the alleged fault or guilt of a defendant. The Brady Rule, named after Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963), The so-called ‘victims’ had committed multiple felonies aimed at harming Buckley and his family. But for the employers’ criminal acts, and Weld County authorities’ conspiracy to conceal those crimes, no ‘harassment’ would have occurred.

And would fraudulently continue:

“The Defendant has failed to state a reasonable basis for the need for the timecards.
The Subpoenas Duces Tecum serves only as an impermissible fishing expedition into
the business records of Dreamstone.”

False:  Bousman’s fruadulent denial of the nexus between the continuous, uninterrupted 26 month term of Buckley’s employment, the “victims'” forged March 9, 2010 pleading before the Colorado Division of Labor, the necessity of Buckley having to seek an award of those accrued wages in Court due to the fraud perpetrated on the DOL, the wrongful stripping of Buckley’s evidence and right to prosecute his civil claim by yet a second and third act of forgery and fraud simultaneously before the Court and the DOL on May 6 and May 7, 2011, the wrongful dismissal of Buckley’s civil case, the spurious liens obtained by the ‘victims’, and the alleged ‘harassing’ emails.

At the motions hearing, Bousman further allowed Dream Stone, Inc. Secretary/Treasurer Ida Murphy to fraudulently plead that Buckley’s timecards were, “confidential business records”. Corrupt Judge Michele Meyer, in defiance of the law, agreed.

“Let’s face it, after obtaining all this evidence, and submitting it through the proper channels, and after government authorities concealed it, I’m under attack for calling Weld County Chief Judge James Hartmann and Congressman Ken Buck, ‘Corrupt Little Cocksuckers’ on my website:,” Buckley said.

Corrupt Weld County Court Judge Michele Meyer

Corrupt Weld County Court Judge Michele Meyer agrees demand for  4 timecards proving Felony Forgery by ‘victims’ is impermissible, “Fishing  Expedition”.

Sarah Jo Bousman knowingly acted as accessory after the fact to Forgery and Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, she manufactured a forged document to conceal crime,  and uttered that false document before the Weld County Court in complicity to crime.

The prosecution’s motion was, of course, granted. Bousman could have literally written anything, as the criminal conspiracy between corrupt Judge Michele Meyer, Chief Judge James Hartmann, and District Attorney Ken Buck had already been established.

It was later discovered at the Motions Hearing as Sarah J. Bousman plead the forged motion to quash, that corrupt Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck, had authorized the destruction of the exculpatory time card evidence Buckley sought.

For the most comprehensive look at Attorney Sarah Bousman’s outrageous criminal acts in this case, please read this Rule 35c Motion.

Remember, 16-5-401 C.R.S. states: Any forgery regardless of the penalty provided: No limit

Forgery is FOREVER.

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