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Three Administrations of Colorado Attorneys General Implicated in the Hartmann Conspiracy.

Corruption and retaliation at the highest level of government since 2008. Colorado Attorney General implicated in years-long systemic campaign of harassment and retaliation against Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley. Denver, CO – Evidence obtained from…

Denver, CO Criminal defense Attorney Michael Root: In Criminal Conspiracy With The Prosecution.

Denver Defense Attorney Michael Root: Is This an Admission of Criminal Complicity?

Michael Root – Attorney for man falsely convicted of ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’ in 2014 claims, “Counsel is not being duped by anyone” in 2016. Is he incompetent, or complicit in concealing crime by Judge…

Boulder DA Michael Dougherty Conceals, Aids, Abets Crime.

Is Boulder County Colorado DA Michael Dougherty’s Conviction Integrity Unit a Sham?

In concealment of criminal acts by his predecessor Stan Garnett: Boulder County Colorado District Attorney Michael Dougherty to be slapped with extensive CORA demand for evidence from the sham 2014 ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’ conviction…

Michael J. McArdle Colorado Division of Labor Director violates rights and threatens Longmont Colorado man.

Michael J. McArdle – Colorado Division of Labor Director Threatens Longmont Man.

Michael J, McArdle – Now DEAD accessory to crime & former Director of the Colorado Division of Labor violated Colorado Wage Act rights, and threatened Longmont man in wage dispute. Denver, CO – In criminal…

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