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Denver, CO Criminal defense Attorney Michael Root: In Criminal Conspiracy With The Prosecution.

Denver Defense Attorney Michael Root: Is This an Admission of Criminal Complicity?

Michael Root – Attorney for man falsely convicted of ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’ in 2014 claims, “Counsel is not being duped by anyone” in 2016. Is he incompetent, or complicit in concealing crime by Judge…

Denver Law Firm, Michael G. Root Attorney at Law 1563 Gilpin Street Denver, Colorado 80218 303-318-7181 phone 303-318-7182 fax

Michael Root Denver Defense Attorney : “I Refuse To Attack The Judge!”

Denver Attorney Michael Root – Corrupt defense attorney makes unsubstantiated accusations against his own client, and admits refusal to effectively defend Longmont, CO man falsely accused of ‘Retaliation Against a Judge’. On the morning of…

Caroline R. Kert

Attorney Daniel T. Goodwin – Corrupt Broomfield, CO Attorney Abandoned By Associate Due To Multiple Criminal Acts ?

Evidence suggests Associate Attorney Caroline R. Kert terminated employment with  The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin,  after rebuttal to DMCA Takedown demand proves concealment of multiple Felony Acts by Broomfield, CO attorney Daniel…

Caroline R. Kert Acts in criminal conspiracy with known felon Daniel T. Goodwin

Attorney Caroline R. Kert Acts In Criminal Conspiracy With Daniel T. Goodwin To Conceal Multiple Felony Acts.

Attorney Caroline R. Kert – In criminal conspiracy with known felon, Daniel T. Goodwin Founding Member/Manager, of The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin, associate attorney  issues DMCA Takedown Notification to host: In…

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