Corrupt Officials

Colorado Governor Jared Polis admits he will continue years-long concealment of multiple felonies by Colorado AG and 6 Weld County Judges.

Will Governor Jared Polis Stand In Criminal Conspiracy With Predecessor John Hickenlooper In Weld Judge’s Wage Theft/Fraud Scandal?

Email to government crime victim suggests Governor Jared Polis will stand in criminal conspiracy with predecessor John Hickenlooper & the Colorado Attorney General’s Office. Is a Grand Jury Investigation into the criminal acts of  Judge…

Weld County Court Judge John Briggs. Morally bankrupt degenerate.

Judge John Briggs – Corrupt Weld County Court Judge Accessory to Felony To Hide Chief Judge James Hartmann’s Complicity in Wage Theft Scheme.

19th Judicial District Judge John Briggs – You’d think this is where Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley’s suffering would end, this is where a decade of suffering was to begin. Corrupt Judge James F. Hartmann…

Steve Wrenn - Weld County DA Chief Prosecutor Aids/Abets Crime to Protect Corrupt Judge.

Steve Wrenn – Chief Deputy District Attorney – Weld County – Corrupt Prosecutor Accessory to Multiple Felonies in Judge Hartmann Scandal.

Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck Appoints  High Profile Felony Prosecutor to Secure Conviction of Felony Victim in Class 3 Misdemeanor Case. Greeley, CO – Steve Wrenn stands in distinction as the Weld County prosecutor…

Meri Miyasaki - degenerate public official falsifies official court documents

Meri Miyasaki – Program Director Hand Up Homes for Youth. Would You Let This Degenerate Near Your Children?

Meri Miyasaki –  corrupt public official who falsified official Court documents in a 2014 Boulder County District Court criminal case now works with emotionally disturbed children. Hand Up Homes for Youth is described as, “A…

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