James Hartmann

James Hartmann 19th Judicial District Chief Judge

Colorado’s 19th Judicial District Chief James Hartmann – Staggeringly Incompetent or Insanely Malicious?

James F. Hartmann – Colorado 19th Judicial District “Judge” in illegal defiance of Colorado Wage Act Law, Rules of Civil Procedure, FLSA, and Due Process Rights to conceal his staggering incompetence & corruption. Greeley, CO…

Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann - At war With The 1st Amendment.

In Conspiracy With DA Ken Buck – Judge James F. Hartmann “Sadistic Little Psychopath” Shuts Down Website – Lies in Court Order.

Judge James F. Hartmann, corrupt Weld County Judge’s 2012 shutdown of weldcountycorruption.com in violation of 1st Amendment. Judge James F. Hartmann,, according to Dynadot Web Hosting  sources, the Weld County District Court Chief Judge whom…

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