The Players

brotherhood of the black robe

This is a  list of individuals, spanning multiple government agencies, who have actively engaged in obstruction of Buckley’s access to felony evidence against his former employers and Judge James Hartmann, or otherwise willfully denied Buckley of constitutional civil rights under the 14th Amendment equal protection clause.  Many on this list have actually retaliated against, threatened, harassed and terrorized Buckley and his family in the process. This is by no means a comprehensive list, as there are doubtlessly others behind the scenes who have been concealed from this investigation.

In no particular order:

Chief Judge Philip A. Brimmer – United States District Court
District of Colorado
FBI Special Agent John Gedney
Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck Reg.#23717 (inactive)
(Fmr.) Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett Reg.#12282
Weld County Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wrenn Reg.#35411
(Fmr.) Colorado Attorney General John Suthers Reg.#8492
(Fmr.) Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman
Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Francis Hartmann Reg.#19353
Weld County District Court Judge Todd Taylor Reg.#21128
(Fmr.) Lieutenant Governor of Colorado Joseph Garcia
Weld County District Attorney’s Office Chief Investigator Keith Olson
Boulder County District Attorney’s Office Investigator Maggie Green
Boulder County District Court Judge Andrew Hartman Reg.#32503
Boulder County DA Chief Prosecutor Catrina Weigel Reg.#33153
Colorado State Senator (Fmr. Weld County Sherriff) John Cooke
Weld County District Court Judge Michele Meyer Reg.#31204
Chief Deputy Attorney General John Lizza Reg.#14771
(Fmr.) Colorado Division of Labor Director Michael McArdle (deceased)
Colorado Division of Labor Compliance Officer Saida Montoya
Colorado Division of Labor Compliance Officer Juanita Wright
Colorado House Rep. Jonathan Singer
Attorney Daniel T. Goodwin Reg.#2971
United States Senator John Hickenlooper (Fmr. Governor of Colorado)
Weld County District Court Judge John Briggs Reg.#33366
Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke reg.#28812
(Fmr.) Community Relations Director Weld County District Attorney’s Office – Jennifer Finch
Weld District Attorney’s Office Investigator Kathy Holscher
(Fmr.) Weld District Attorney’s Office Investigator Ed Jordan
(Fmr.) Assistant Attorney General Public Officials Unit – Judge Matthew D Grove Reg.#34269
(Fmr.) Colorado Dept. of Labor & Employment Director Ellen Golombek

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